Thursday, November 23, 2023

Richard is 80 and we all celebrate together!

 Last night we were invited to a Happy Birthday 80th for Richard.  Richard and his wife Carol were neighbors of ours in the Las Jaibas RV park here in Mazatlan for many years.  As time passed we have moved to a house and they are in a condo at the Las Gavias Grand so our gatherings have moved.  We, along with many of our RVING friends gathered last night for a birthday party was a good one!

Richard or Ricardo and Carol.
The end of the night and the cake cutting.
A piece for everyone and there were 21 of us!

And now let's turn the clock back to November 22, 2017.....the Las Jaibas RV park and another birthday celebration.  

Lots of old friends. Hal on the right who celebrated a birthday today, Randall on the left and peaking through is Roger.

Lots of fun.  Third from the left is Valerie who now winters in Arizona with her husband Dick.

John and Anita with Rita behind.
Richard, Carol and Blake.

The chairs on the right are empty because it was hot and people were hiding in the shade!

Marilyn, Helene and Jeannette.

Frank and Carol.  A great party ! The gatherings in those days were huge and some of the people are no longer with us.  

......and now it's back to November 22, 2023.

Richard and Carol are renting a beautiful three bedroom condo overlooking the beach.  Eric and Randall chatting. Harry and Sandi behind.
The fellow in the plaid shirt and his wife Paula were long time RVers whom we may have met at other events although I don't remember them.  Very interesting people.

The sun is starting to set and the view from the 7th floor is lovely.

Dennis contemplating.

Looking north.

Sandi and Frank.

Eric and Randall.

Marilyn and Helene.

Sandi and Cathy.

Looking south.

We had some clouds, thunder and a bit of showers yesterday and so...a beautiful sunset.

Just electric.

Lots of room to chat inside or outside.   It finally cooled off yesterday and everyone was much more comfortable.

The sun is gone.

So pretty at night.

It was a potluck and it was all delicious.

This condo has a huge table.

Marion, Dennis and Frank.  Marion is staying in the Las Gavias Grand as well but, in the south tower.  Her husband Fred passed last winter and we're glad to see her back with us this year.  She and Fred were long time neighbors in the RV park as well. 

Judy and Carol.

Lots of chat between old friends.
Here the crowd is telling old stories about their worst RVING experiences and let me tell you there were some doozies😅 No one who has RV'D over long distances has avoided catastrophic failures at some point. Lots of laughs and in the end we didn't pick a winner.

Stories and dinner was over and it was time for cake which Marion brought.  It was delicious.  We celebrated three birthdays.  Yesterday Richard and Eric and today Hal.  
It was a great evening with old friends and thanks to Richard and Carol for providing the venue.



  1. Thanks, I remember Carol, and her parents, Bill and Audrey. Nice to see they still go to Maz.

  2. Eleanor Stanbridge.

  3. Very nice condo and what a view! It looks like you guys are having fun!