Friday, December 1, 2023

This and that!

 It's now Dec 1st and we've been here for three weeks.  The temperature has finally dropped and we are much more comfortable.  I'm slowly getting the house cleaned up and we're feeling more at home. 

Last Saturday was chili night at our house and we had fun.
Good food, friends and family.
Eric and I sat at the counter and Frank/Sandi, Dennis/Marilyn and Ian and Linda were at the table.
Last week Eric saw something on our outside wall.  At first glance he thought it was a bat as it was so large.  At least a six inches wing span. A black witch moth I think...not a good omen in Mexico if it gets into your house!
Tree trimming time.  One guy trims the bottom and sides with a gas powered trimmer and Rueben trims the tops with a machete! A huge job as there are a hundred plus trees in the complex.  
I finally started walking this week and here I'm heading to the overpass over the canal. 
From the top of the bridge looking north.
Still pretty and green.
Almost home and you can see the pile of dirt where they've dug up the new walking path to add more services for the thousands of condo units being built at this end of town.  Everything is dug up everywhere right now!
Tranquil in our complex most of the time😉
We decided to run the dehumidifier this winter to see if it would keep the mold from forming on the ceilings.  Cooking with propane generates lots of moisture as does the dishwasher, showers and laundry.  The A/C units dehumidify but they aren't running much now. The water in the bucket is from less than 48 hours!
Eric will put the hose back in the downstairs bathroom and the water  will drain away like it did all summer.  The dehumidifier is set to 65% which is not very low.
Eric has been out on his new motorcycle a few times and now the small bikes are waving because he's not on the Harley!
Tonight Ruth, Linda and I are going out for dinner at Topolo downtown and then... the "Nutcracker" ballet!  It's been a few years since I've been and it was hard to get tickets.  Should be a lovely evening😊

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