Thursday, December 7, 2023

First Ladies Lunch and we started with Panchos on the Beach.


We're a bit slow getting started this season and there are a few reasons.  Number one has been the heat and humidity and also everyone seems to be busy.  Also, it takes a while for people to all get here and some have been sick.  Today we were to be 11 and we ended up with six which is a good number for chatting.

Pancho's has become our go-to first lunch of the season. Lovely venue, excellent service and good food.  Always a good choice.

They start you with complimentary chips and salsa along with marlin stuffed jalapeños.  The camera made that a really tall beer bottle!

From the left Susie, Marilyn, Cathy, Sandi and Linda.

From the ocean side with me included.

                             Isn't that pretty!

We're in the Golden Zone or zona dorado where there are lots of hotels, shopping and restaurants.

A favorite avocado shrimp salad for me and a couple of others.

Susie looks suspicious but...she wasn't 😉

Shrimp Caesar salad for Linda.

Marilyn had a chicken Caesar as did Cathy.

Her's came last!

We started with appetizers and drinks, moved on to lunch and finished up with the small complimentary kahlua and milk.  Lots of laughter and good chat between long time friends...what more can you ask for😊

The decor in Pancho's is colorful and very Mexican.
The ladies are on the other side of this cabinet.

On our way to the street and the alleyway is lined with small shops with jewelry and anything else a tourist might want.  We've all been coming to Mazatlan for so long that not much of this is interesting to us. Most of us were off to catch the bus home.  Another very warm day and we were ready to go.
A very enjoyable first ladies lunch!

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