Monday, November 6, 2023

Day 2 in Yuma..some good, some not so good.

 So how did today go?  Well, not as we would have liked but I guess we just have to roll with it..   We were off to San Luis to get our tourist visas and import our vehicles for six months at about 9am this morning.

Connie sent me a text yesterday and asked what we did for the day. I said a bit of shopping and what Eric is doing.....we needed the rest!

.....she sent me a picture of Manny and Mitzi watching a football game😊
Last night we went across the street to the Vietnamese restaurant for dinner.
We ordered from a young girl who was obviously new and very nervous.  The owners wife was giving her corrections and I told her not to worry it would get better.  She was so sweet.  That white thing sticking up is a bot that delivers your food to you and the waitress puts it on the table.
The food was good last night but not quite as good as last time...a little greasier. 
We were also a bit disturbed by the people in the corner with two German Shepard dogs under their table.  I didn't realize dogs were allowed in restaurants here in Yuma.  One dog kept throwing up and the people didn't notice for some time but they finally took it outside.  Disgusting to us.  The guy was quite rude as he noticed we were watching and got quite huffy about it.  A..hole😮!
This is the restaurant owner and cook...what a friendly guy.  He came out to see that everyone was happy and sat down at our table to chat.  He was a refugee from Vietnam in the 80's and ended up in Orange County, California where he lived and worked for 20 years, then 10 years in Portland before coming to Yuma where he opened this restaurant 5 years ago.  Eric asked why Yuma and he said because it's a Republican state and a better tax situation.  I mentioned the young waitress's nervousness when he barked at her to attend to someone waiting and Eric said that he shouldn't be too hard on her.  He laughed and said his wife could comfort her as customers are the most important!  A very chatty nice guy.
So, on to today.  Off to San Luis with paperwork in hand.
          Heading south and the fields have vegetables growing as far as the eye can see.
Coming through Somerton where they have the tamale festival.   Truth...we don't like Tamales! 
Caesar Chaves drive...the champion of the farm workers.

They use lasers when they plow so everything is perfect for the irrigation.  The brown thing in the distance is...The Wall!
Ready to plant.
Heading in to do our paperwork.
First the tourist visas which went smoothly. Eric then imported the motorcycle and although it took an unusual amount of time it was done. You post a bond which is returned as long as you bring the vehicle out of Mexico.  Now for the truck and trailer for me.  Last year they wanted to see the truck because it was over 7,798 pounds but when I showed them a picture of it they were fine with that.  The agent spent about 45 minutes doing the paperwork and then he wanted to see the truck AND trailer! to take pictures. I said I had pictures but that wouldn't do and he said we had to bring both vehicles in so he could see them. New regulations this year because it might be a work truck as it was over their weight threshold which is silly as any truck could be a work truck regardless of GVW.   The agent knew it wasn't being used as a work truck but... he doesn't make the rules.  Impossible to bring in for him to see as it is way too congested and busy.  So...we have to do the truck and trailer in Nogales.  Next year we'll likely stay two nights in Nogales and drive over  the border and do all the paperwork there beforehand.  It would have been nice if he'd asked if the truck and trailer were with us before he wasted an hour of his time and ours.  Always a new wrinkle.
And now we had to go back over the border into the US. The line is always hugely long and it's blazing hot.  In line for about 45 minutes.  You can see the blanket tents which ran the whole way.  Refugees from who knows where trying to be permitted to enter the US.

We the stopped at the Walmart on our way back so I could get sandwich stuff for the road.  When I came out Eric had some good news.  When we arrived in Yuma on Sunday my keys were not in my purse...a lot of keys and I was more than upset.  I feared I'd left them on the bumper of the truck while opening the canopy in Ridgecrest. That meant lots of money and time spent replacing them all. Not a good thing.  Turns out they must have fallen out of my purse in the truck and showed up on the floor on the passenger they got there I have no idea!  What a relief...misplaced...not lost. Whew😊
We got an oil change for the truck at Walmart and tonight it's leftovers and on to Nogales tomorrow.  A busy day!
Coming back and the vegetable pickers cars are lined up.

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