Sunday, November 5, 2023

We made it to Yuma fom Ridgecrest...another 420 miles!

 Yesterday started early and we were on the road with another 400 miles to go.  It was warm yesterday.  A usual mediocre breakfast from a very disinterested reception guy.  


Heading out of Ridgecrest.
Pretty but very stark!  The roads are straight and monotonous and the scenery is all the same.
We had the sun in our eyes and I had to wear Eric's cap as the visor didn't help.
Just a few buildings at the edge of the road here and there.
We're on I 40 heading east to Needles.  Tons and tons of truck traffic.

Fuel was getting low and Eric wanted a couple of insurance gallons...hard to see but it diesel was $7.49.9 a gallon!  Just ridiculous.
Heading south on 95 to Vidal Junction and Parker.
Love the rock!
          Hard to see but this is what I call the "ribbon candy" highway. The cars disappear in the dips and then pop Up! 
From here to everywhere sign where turn to go into Parker, AZ. 
The bridge.
Parker where we always stop to fuel up and diesel is $4.39.9 !
That's  $3 less than Needles.  Plus remember we convert US to Canadian so that $7.49 is $10.34 Canadian!
Pretty quiet in downtown Parker.
Coming through Quartzite...the huge "boondocking" area where hundreds of rigs park on BLM land.  But..what do they do all winter? Plus it gets cold here.  We stayed here 3 weeks back in March of 2009 and just about froze to death.  We bought a propane heater the next investment Ever!
Quite a few out there already.
Yuma proving ground.
          On 95 coming into Yuma and the cotton harvest is in full swing.
Looks like cement powder but it's cotton, the summer crop here when it gets up to 120f.

Fields getting ready for fall crops of vegetables.
Brassica of some sort.
          Pretty with the palm trees and tractor.  The ground is very fertile 
here and they grow a lot of food.
We turned left of 95, up to E 32nd st. and the Ramada where we'll stay for three nights.  An oil change for the truck, some butter and cheese for Mexico and our vehicle import papers and tourist visas at the border.  We're both beat and a layover is a good thing.  Last night we had curry at the restaurant attached to the front office.  Good last time and good this time.


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    1. Cabbage, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, brocolli etc.

    2. Oh of course. I thought it was another vegetable. Duh