Friday, November 10, 2023

Navojoa, Sonora to Mazatlan, Sinaloa

We were up early yesterday and after a decent continental breakfast we were on our way by 7:30.  We always enjoy our stay at the Fiesta...a reasonable $84 Canadian, good parking and a very well thought out room.  Not fluff but places to put things.
Navojoa seems to in a building spare like many other places..straight ahead.

Lots growing here.
The new concrete highway needs a bridge repair.

I was worried about this impromptu stop.  Last year they were going to go through our truck but the police were eating lunch.  This time we were waved through.  We don't have anything illegal but a tear down means you don't get where you want to go on time.
Welcome to Sinaloa...big tolls for really bad asphalt highways.  There are potholes that would do serious damage if you hit them.  
Another check point.
The farther you go south the greener it gets.

Huge silos around Los Mochis.
This used to be a Pemex and it's where we always overnighted in the RV.  A gated truck stop with a restaurant.
See those potholes.  Whichever lane was good was the one Eric drove in whether it was the passing lane or not.
This is the road right after a toll booth!
Heading towards Culiacan.
Some crops are protected from the sun.
Straight ahead for Mazatlan.
Now the passing lane is horrible and we are on the very expensive Culiacan to Mazatlan piece. Close to $50 for the tolls at the beginning and end.
Were getting closer...there's the ocean.
                 , ,    ,,,, Coming down to the final toll booth before Mazatlan.
Onto the road to the playas or beach and it's a mess here.

I always take a picture of the Riu hotel to show we're almost here and getting close.
We arrived around 3pm and considering the roads we made good time and didn't break any thing.  Eric unloaded the motorcycle and rode it to the house.  Then I walked to the vegetable store to get us enough to get by for dinner.  Eric dropped the trailer down the road in a parking spot and brought the truck back.  We can't park the trailer in our complex.  We unloaded the stuff from behind the seat and that was that.  Hugely hot and humid.  The house is dirty from the geckos but I cover beds, furniture and tables so that helps.  Outside stuff is stored inside so it's a jumble till we sort it out.
Today we got outside stuff out and tidied up a bit.  We were both wiped from the drive and the heat but the AC is running so that helps.  Unloaded the back of the truck with all the food and cleaning stuff I brought and I'll deal with that over the next few days and cleaning will take a week or two.  Feeling a bit more human tonight😊



  1. Wonderful that you are safely in Mazatlan. Hope you can take some time to relax for just a bit before all the chores and then the Winter vacation can begin.

  2. Glad you are there safe and sound. Heard the roads were worse than last year. Saw picture of construction next to Las Jaibas - Right next to pool, out the door in to the pool. Sometimes I'm not so sure about progress.

    1. I don't think the roads are worse but there are areas that are so bad that if you couldn't change lanes you'd do serious damage. The driver has to be completely focused at all times which is tiring.

  3. Unfortunately the cleaning has to start almost immediately as the geckos leave their deposits everywhere. At least all beds and furniture are covered.

  4. Glad you made it safely..