Friday, April 29, 2022

Made it back to Terrace. did the trip home go you ask?  Well all things considered, as planned.  If we could get rid of all the forms, apps, tests and scans it'd be pretty easy but after 9-11 and the pandemic everyone feels a bit like a criminal when they travel. Such is life today.

Left Mazatlan at 2pm on Wednesday, landed in Phoenix, through customs, dropped luggage  went through security and flew to LA. Landed, picked up luggage and finally got a shuttle to the hotel. Straight to bed!  Up at 6am, continental breakfast, shuttle to the airport, checked luggage, through a long line to security and landed in Vancouver at 1pm. Through customs, picked up luggage, checked luggage and through another huge line to security. Vancouver was the worst security with officers yelling at you the whole time. Managed to find some pizza and 3 beers for 84 dollars!   Into Terrace at 7:30 last night and back to our daughter and son in laws for the night.  We'd better be able to drive next fall!!!  

Eric was off to the house to get the power and fridge on this morning.Tomorrow we'll start the water.  Erika and I were off to get groceries and insure the Jeep.  Since I'm limping (physio screwed up my right hip) and my arms in a sling I needed help.  A fast $1200 dollars and we had 6 months insurance, groceries and beer.  Gas is 2$ a liter and groceries and beer are silly expensive.  However I am really glad to be home.

    Beautiful coming up the coast getting close to Kitimat. 

          There's Terrace and the Skeena river.
That's looking east on highway 16.  If you look on the top right you'll see two clearings. The top one is our 40 acres house, barns and fields.  The one just below it is the acreage that Eric logged, cleared and planted and sold.  If you zoom in you can see our house and buildings.
   A close up.  Pretty amazing considering I took the pictures with my cell phone through a dirty airplane window!
    Terrace down below and it's even sunny!

  Farms along the Skeena.
     Landing at the airport.
Looking out towards the barn at our daughter's.  Flynn and Maple are keeping an eye on us. 

     Shrimp has grown since last fall.  Chloe (aka Schmoopie) the other Swiss mountain is sleeping in the other room and Olivia the other cat is outside.

Flynn...he's a big boy!

     Erika and Flynn.

  So all in all..we're glad to be home.   I see my doctor on Monday and then....?


  1. Safely home and hope your DR appointment goes well and the issue with your elbow is “fixed”. Enjoy your summer when it arrives.

  2. It must be so nice to be home, even with all the bureaucracy required to get there. Travel used to be so easy! Probably never again.

  3. I am so very sorry that you have had further issues with your elbow. Too much physio pressure, the bone was still too fragile. Be sure to stick up for yourself and insist on the proper testing ASAP. Too may people medical help and so may back ups.

    Hugs and good luck Monday.


  4. Sticker shock! Now you can look back at all those great meals out in Mexico. Glad you're home safe and sound. Get better quick!