Saturday, May 7, 2022

Elbow update am I doing...well...could be better.

We arrived home April 28th and I saw my GP on the 3rd of May, had x-rays on the 4th, spoke to my GP on 5th about the x-rays.  At this point my hip is OK but my elbow is not. There has been some closure of the broken bone but it is fibrous tissue and it is a non union that will not get better...  So yesterday the 6th granddaughter Abby drove me to Kitimat to see the orthopedic surgeon there as Terrace does not have one.

So..more surgery.  Fibroid tissue between broken bone and it will never heal. I could leave it but pushing movement would hurt. More than just the initial break happened. Joint and bones displaced and some damage to the wrist which may require orthoscopic surgery in the future. So I choose get it as close to normal as possible and hope for the best.  Remove pins and wires, clean up the bone so it can join, a plate and screws and remove fibroid tissue. Not a small task.  Did physio contribute to this mess..maybe..maybe not.  In any case what's done is done and now I'll garden like hell for ten days and have day surgery in Kitimat by the orthopedic surgeon Dr Van Der Merwe on May 16th.   

Fingers 🤞

Not a great outcome goes on! 


  1. So sorry to hear that Kathy. Hope all goes well and you heal quickly. Bill and Carol

  2. I just know you're going to get better and soon it will be a past conversation. Hang in there. Just like your elbow, you'll get past the bend :)

  3. You havè the right attitude Kathy. Get it fixed as well as you can and give the natural healing process a chance to work after that. I'm sorry the news wasn't better.

  4. So sad to read this but I am so I pressed that you are getting in to see doctors so quickly and you even have a surgery date. I agree that it is best to get your body back to as normal as possible.Y ou have many years ahead of you so you need to get this right. I will be sending special thoughts your way on the 16th.

  5. Good to know you will have the surgery soon. You will be in our prayers.