Friday, April 22, 2022

The Bad, the Good and the Ugly..with an end that I didn't expect or want!

This is a bit of a mishmash of photos but here we go.  I just finished three and a half weeks of physio . One hour sessions four times a week.  The first forty minutes are exercise and the last twenty Tens and ultrasound or massage.  It is very very difficult physio.  My therapist Isela works me hard and if at all possible I will regain most movements.  She keeps a running photo album and encourages me with pictures of my improvement week by week.  The hardest thing is closing my hand to my shoulder which she does with pressure.  On Friday it was done and there was pain but it was bearable.  On Tuesday the pain was more intense. I saw Dr. Mojarro for a final visit this Thursday.  I am very impressed with the physio here however in the end there was a downside to this. 

This is where I go to Quality & Life.  Consults upstairs, gym downstairs and next door reception and Tens/massage/ultrasound.
Walking north to go to Walmart and the wall is covered in bougainvillea blooms. 
Marina Mazatlan Hospital where I had surgery. 

Isela...she's small but she's mighty!  

Part of the gym!

Taltha on the left is a therapist and Eileen the very capable bi-lingual receptionist.

That is Arturo on the left.

Odd photo but this is a chachalaca which we used to see in the RV park.  This guy flew up the ten foot wall behind us, onto our house and then onto the light standard where he proceed to call his friends!  They can fly but not usually this high.
Another beautiful vine on a fence.  

This is my arm now.  Hardly even a scar and if there is.... the wrinkles hide it!!!
                               This was just after I got my stitches out at week two.  

So and now for the ugly.  Yesterday I finished my physio appointment and continued on to the hospital to see Dr. Mojarro the surgeon.  Physio on Tuesday was very intense and it was very sore after, especially in elbow where it has not been very sore.  Turns out there was a reason for that.  When I arrived at the hospital Dr. Mojarro was out on a call but he instructed the staff to take x-rays and have me wait.  That was done and I went upstairs to wait.  Dr. Mojarro arrived and called me into his office.  First he asked how I was doing and inspected the elbow. I said that I was experiencing more pain now that I had over the last week or so.  I could see he didn't like what he saw.  He had a look at the x-rays and said there is another break below the original break and that the wires have been displaced.  As I have not fallen again or bumped it I would have to guess that the physio exercise when Isela was forcibly closing my wrist to my shoulder caused the damage.  This of  course is just a guess.  As the bone is already weakened from the placement of wires drilled into, it a break occurred.  After conversation with Dr. Mojarro I have decided to do nothing until I get home next week.  There is pain but it's manageable  and my motion is adequate at this point.  However, the elbow is now deformed and I will likely not gain full motiion even after the bone heals.  I am uncertain as to what I, and the surgeon in Terrace will decide is the best plan.  Dr. Mojarro suggested that if I have surgery I may only gain a small amount more motion.  As well I would be back to square one with healing and physio.  I am not a happy camper at this point!  Needless to is over.

If there is an upside to this the integrity of joint has been maintained by the wire fixation.  


  1. OK Kathy I started out and with the Mother sentence and then cleared it all (Except the Mother part) Incredible to say the least. Just more stuff that we have to do (hate to say it ) as we age. Do you know how hard that was to say. Afterall were still young we still have a great sense of houmour and still drink beer! What more could we want. Yea...we anyway it really sucks about your elbow. But you will my Friend get thru this too! Take care my Friend!!

    1. It's now Sunday the 24th and I'm just replying. I will get through this but it's a tough one. Lots of pain now and back in a sling part time. So many variables and not much point in placing blame I just have to catty on!

  2. So very sorry and it was so hard to read this, Kathy. I hope the healing will continue.

  3. This is not good to hear! All that work... You will have to have a long. hard talk with your surgeon at home. If you can get most of your movement back and be able to move pain free that will be a positive outcome. I am sorry this did not go a lot better for you but like Rusty says, you will get through this!

    1. Good movement even if it's not 100% will have to do. I'm a busy woman and I need a positive outcome!

  4. As you said, the good, the bad, and the ugly. The good part is that you are in fantastic shape! Congrats on that! Very impressive. The ugly is that you're having this issue but it too will be resolved. I just hope it isn't one doctor against another when you get home. You have a strong upper lip!

    1. The surgeon here was worried he'd be blamed but I really don't think it's his fault. More too aggressive physio and me not saying no when there was too much pain. I just have to do what has to be done and carry on.