Saturday, December 1, 2018

Yellow Iguana and other little things



A day or so ago Eric saw this big guy coming down the only palm tree left close to the fence.


He is not amused with all the construction and was waggling his head and making noise or….mayber it’s mating season!


You can just see him on the lower part of the palm tree.  When he’d had a look around he….


….headed back up the tree.  Apparently the black iguanas are the preferred ones to eat so maybe this guy is safe.  There is a whole family of dark coloured ones under the boat next to us and I give them my leftover vegetable and fruit scraps.  Not too much though as I don’t want to attract mice which we have had a problem with in the past. 


I was downtown yesterday to pick up bread and hopefully get some dorado on my way home.  As I passed through the square next to the church I saw this shoe shine guy.  Not much business so why not have a nap.

They have been doing more work on the malecon and someone said that the new mayor didn’t like what had been done last year so he had it redone.  Today when I went downtown on the bus both the north and south lanes were open and things were back to normal.  That meant I could stop at the El Delfin fish market and get dorado on the way home. 

Around 2pm John and Jeri stopped by on their way back from taking their 5th wheel south to Bucerious.  John had bought a couple of new tires for the RV in case he had a blow out and had said if he didn’t need them he’d sell them to Eric.  He didn’t blow a tire so we got a couple of tires and you know how we can always use a couple of extra spares!  John and Jeri and Remington their dog are on their way home and after spending Thursday night here in a hotel will head home to Phoenix. 


Late yesterday afternoon the cement pumper truck was busy pouring at the northeast corner of the park.


Not sure how all this works but it seems very efficient.  When we were first married and Eric was working in construction they had to push wheelbarrows of concrete up planks to pour foundations.


So….I did manage to get dorado and this is how it ended up.  Sauted in garlic butter with rice, fresh green beans, pineapple and a cucumber/tomato/red onion marinated salad.  Yum!


This morning when I went out for my walk around 6:30am the chachalacas were all around the park chattering and making a huge racket.  They aren’t amused by all the construction either…or they were just being chachalacas!


I spotted them in Carol’s bird tree grabbing a snack.  It is comical to watch her chasing the grackles and Chachalacas so the smaller more colorful birds can eat.  A couple of days ago the magpie jays showed up and they swooped down, grabbed the fruit off the tree and flew away. 


This morning I decided to make a big pot of spagetti sauce and one of the things that I like in it is roasted peppers.  I can get a variety of types here so the sauce tastes really good.  Red bell peppers, jalapeno, chili caribe, anaheim and poblano.  Not much left after they are grilled and the skin is peeled off but the flavour is good.  I finally bought a decent barbecue (Nexgrill from Costco) and I really like it.  I’d hesitated for a long while because I wanted either a second rack or two burners.  This one has two burners and is stainless steel so it should last for awhile. 

Tomorrow the construction crew gets a day off so….I’ll do my laundry and hang it out when there is no dust. 

Time to head to the beach!


Contessa said...

Handsome iguana. Nice BBQ. The mahi looks great. On my list for next week, gracias.

Dee Tillotson said...

Your dorado, fresh green beans, and rice look so delicious. I made a pot of long-grain rice a couple of days ago to go with a home made beef stew. My husband Beach mentioned if I wanted an electric rice cooker to make "sticky" rice (an oriental-type of rice). Maybe that is my Christmas gift this year instead of a pair of diamond earrings! I think he is trying to tell me that he no longer likes my long-grain Uncle Ben's Converted Rice! Ha! Did you use a rice cooker for preparing your rice?

By the way, just have to ask a question, but you don't have to answer, of course. On Chris' and Juan's blog, they gave some very good advice, and you made a great comment. Because of my reading their blog, it brought to mind your friends' sale of their fifth wheel down in Mexico, and it made me wonder if they also got some bad advice without checking it out. I think you and I know that they have to pay import fees and declare the fifth wheel for sale in Mexico at Customs at the border. But maybe they did that; otherwise, what is in the Mexican computers in their names and VIN numbers (like permits and evidence of ownership) at the border will follow them around like white on rice (no pun intended). I don't know who it would be worst for, your friends who want to come back to Mexico or the buyer who would not have the correct Mexican paperwork.

Kathy Tycho said...

Hi Dee, sorry for the late reply. I dont use a rice cooker,just a non stick pot. We like med grain white rice but other types too. Our friends sold their 5th wheel to a Mexican National friend who is quite well to do. He has real estate holdings in the usa as well. I dont know any details of their transaction but I would guess the buyer is well aware of the regulations. Our friends are no longer Rving and may only come for a quick holiday in the future. Some people with rv's come south without the 10 year sticker, some people like us get a new 10 year sticker every year in case we sell and a few people leave their rigs here and just let it lapse. Always better safe than sorry!

Dee Tillotson said...

Thanks, Kathy. "Always better safe than sorry!" That's for sure! Been reading about the new President of Mexico; in essence, one of his platforms is "there is a new sheriff in town and we're coming for you" regarding corruption. Let us see if that happens.