Saturday, October 1, 2016

Grand Canyon North Rim

We did it.  The weather was cool this morning and there were clouds around but we decided to go anyway.  All layered up with clothes, rain jacket and heated jackets and we were on the road by about 9:30 PDT. 

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This was our route and we would travel about 80 miles each way today. 


Climbing up from the large flat below and it is cool. 


First stop the Kaibab Look out.


Looks kind of stormy up this way.


Lots of pine trees and it smells really nice.


Nice to see the trees and the aspens are either bright yellow or completely white without their foliage.


Large forest fire and there are no trees in this area.  This is in the Kaibab National forest.  I wonder if this is a controlled burn that got out of hand.


Wide open meadows just like the Chilcotin, B.C.



North Rim Entrance and we get to pay $25.oo


How beautiful the drive is into the park.


Big Red is parked under the trees in the North rim parking lot and we go off to explore.


Eric takes a look at the Bright Angel Canyon.  We are actually visiting a side canyon of the Grand Canyon.


Impressive vista.




You can stay in one of these cabins if you book ahead.


You can walk right out to Bright Angel point if you want.


I think I’ll walk down to that viewing point.  It is very high here and you have to walk slowly as it’s easy to get out of breath.  We live at 500 ft.  and it is 8600 ft here so there is a lot less oxygen at this elevation.


Grand Canyon Lodge.


Heading down to the look out.


I admit to a bit of vertigo as I walk down to the look out.


Looking back up at the Lodge.


That is one huge drop off the edge of that railing.  Eric is sitting up top on a bench warming up while I wander off to take pictures.


The view is magnificent!


Eric surveying the canyon.  The air was not really clear as they are doing controlled burns in the park and as well there is air pollution coming from the west.


Heading down the trail to Bright Angel Point.


From the trail you can look left or right. This beautiful view is to the right.



I continue down the trail and am feeling a bit dizzy from the height.  People are coming back up the very steep climb and many of them are panting heavily.  Go slow!


Through this gap it seems to drop forever.


The trail continues up to Bright Angel Point and I chicken out!  Too much drop off on both sides and I’m feeling unstable so I turn around. 


We walked back to the bike and got out our picnic lunch and are joined by this Stellar’s Jay.  He is a bit differently colored than the ones at home but just as noisy! 


We walk back to the visitor’s centre and lodge after lunch and Eric sees this Spider Motorcycle that had been behind us since the Kaibab Look Out.   We have seen huge numbers of them on the road since we’ve been in Utah.  Eric likes the look of this one.  No danger of falling over on one of these.  I like them better than the trikes.  Made in Canada by Bombardier.


Visitor’s Centre.  I had a look inside but the only thing I liked was a nice piece of Indian pottery and I am past collecting things at this point in my life. 


John Wesley Powell was a surveyor of the region.  My maiden name was Powell….maybe we were related.  Probably not!


Grand Canyon Lodge.  Immense and beautiful.


Brighty the burro getting trimmed with hand sheep shears.  Eric used to be quite expert with these when we had sheep and our daughters used them to trim their 4H sheep and lamb projects. 


This tells all about the development of the lodge and Brighty. 


Brighty the Grand Canyon burro and the little boy Bobby who loved him.


A nice place to relax and enjoy the view.  It hangs right on the edge of the cliff.

We walked back to the bike and mounted up and it started to rain.  Just a short shower to remind us of how much we hate to get wet.


We didn’t go far before we got past the shower and it was once again sunny….but not very warm.


Leaving the park.


Getting ready to start the long descent towards Kanab.

When we arrived home it was apparent that there had been a pretty good shower while we were away. 

It was a good ride and I’m glad I got to see part of the Grand Canyon.  The south rim viewhas more views that are probably more spectacular but….there are many more people and today’s ride was just fine.  We’ll save the south rim for another time. 

Tomorrow weather permitting….Zion National Park.

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