Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday was a slow day.


Today we decided to go into Cottonwood to get some fittings for the RV.  We’ve been having problems with the way the 5th wheel is plumbed and as there is back pressure on our water pumps we’ve had two of them fail.   The seals leaked and the motors filled up with water.  That shouldn’t happen and they don’t make that water pump anymore.  What Eric decided to do was install a check valve so that water couldn’t get into the pump from the city water connection.  Now all we had to do was find one. The water was getting through the pump the wrong way, filling up our water tank and then leaking out the overflow.   Also our water hose connections are crap so he decided to find some repair parts.  First stop was Home Depot and we couldn’t find what we wanted there or a guy to help us.  Another guy shopping told us we should go to Ace Hardware and gave us directions on how to find it. 

Ace Hardware had everything we needed and the guy who knew where everything was and how to find it.  Turns out he was working for Ace Hardware because he couldn’t finish his last few years as a locomotive mechanic.  He’d worked 30 years and was too stressed out to stay till retirement.   He said he was on the mountain run up by Grant’s Pass and if they’d moved him to the Coose Bay run he’d have stayed till retirement but….they didn’t so he quit.  A really nice personable guy who was looking forward to retirement and all the the things he would do and see. 

All repair parts in hand we were off to get a few groceries and then back to the rig. 

Eric did his repairs and installed the check valve and it works.  Now he has to fill the water tank and see if the old pump (removed from our old l985 Nomad travel trailor) will be able to pump through the valve. 

I went down to do some very expensive laundry.  $2.00 for a wash and $1.75 for a dry and update my blog while the clothes washed and dried.   I’m using the new LiveWriter which allows me to store my posts until I get internet.  Eric checked on the lack of internet at the office again and was given more run around.  Disgusting!  He did manage to hook up to the office internet and check for emails but the office lady was worried that he would use up too much band width using the phone.  That’s just stupid….a phone uses way less bandwidth than a laptop. 

Eric set up my small barbecue so I could grill a steak,  we watched a ball game (the Jays crushed Texas earlier in the day….go Jays!) had beer and the day was done. 

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  1. $2.00 bucks is normal for what I have paid in different campsites. Paid that in fairmont hot springs and again in castlegar. You are just used to Mexico prices. Joy