Thursday, April 21, 2011

We made it to Kingman

Thursday April 21, 2011

This morning was a “non event” and by that I mean it was a good thing.  Eric had been stressing for days about trying to Evel Kneivel both bikes into the back of the rig but I knew he would have no problemo!  I was right.  All went as planned and we were loaded up and ready to roll by 10am. 


The rig has been moved onto the street waiting for the bikes to be loaded.  They are ready!


Here comes Eric on Red and I’m on the tailgate holding it down so there is a level place to ride up the ramp into the garage.  


Red’s in, no problem!  Whew, Eric didn’t land up in the kitchen.  Bonus!


Eric’s relieved, one more to go!


Tying her down.

P1010469 Here comes Blue!


She’s in, no problem!  Doesn’t she look tiny compared to Red?

P1010473  All tied down and ready to go.

  As we were leaving Eric had  a little chat with Troy who was also staying in the park.  It had turned out that he went to Burnaby Central High School in Burnaby where Eric and I both graduated and was one year ahead of Eric.   He had talked to Eric a few days ago but he didn’t have time to hook up him with all that was going on.  Troy also knows people from Terrace (Karpyshyn’s and since Troy is a  Harley rider that’s how he and Eric originally struck up a conversation .   Troy rides an older Road King Classic that he told Eric he’d spent “way too much money” prettying up.  The wife said “Enough.”

So, on the road and up along the 202 to the 101 and then on to the  17(Carefree Highway)  to Wickenberg and onto the 93 (Joshua tree Parkway) as we headed up to the 40 and into Kingman by 3:30.


The Joshua Tree Parkway.  A really beautiful drive.

P1010476  That’s a Joshua tree on the right.


Flat mesa mountains.


Aren’t those some boulders!


East side of the Fort Beale RV park office and shower building.


Parked in the nice huge pull thru.  Bueno!


A nice vista of the mountains.


The view out the window.  Not bad!

No problem except it was freaking windy by the time we rolled into the Fort Beale RV park at the west end of Kingman.  Turns out there was a wind advisory that I didn’t see.  Crap!  It’s a good thing we hadn’t planned to get to Boulder City just south of  Las Vegas because it was even worse down that way.  Just a minor little problem finding the park as you could easily end up back on the freeway heading east looking for your left to the park after getting off I40 on exit 48.  Right between Carl’s Jr. and the Esso Station.  Found it, all is well. 

A nice park with spotless washrooms and showers, huge pull thru sites but noisy because the I40 is right next to it and we also hear some…..trains.  Still, a good convenient stop for an overnight. 

Tomorrow the wind is supposed to die down and we’ll head towards Lund,Nevada although it isn’t warm there at 5000 ft.  However we are trying to run from the cold and get back to Canada.  It’s going to be cold with a bit of rain or snow as we head towards Twin Falls, Idaho but the wind isn’t supposed to be bad so I guess that’s a good thing. 

We’ve both had a shower dinner is almost ready and tomorrow is another day!  A good one I hope.   Oh, and by the way the showers here get a 10+ probably the nicest ones we have ever been in. 

One sweet ride!

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