Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ely, Nevada to Meridian, Idaho

Saturday April, 23, 2011

Well it didn’t freeze last night but it was snowing this morning!  We made coffee, didn’t drink it and hit the road at 7:15am in case it got worse.  Just down the road it eased off but it’s always better to air on the side of caution.  We can have breakfast in Wells when we get fuel.


Hooked up fast as it is snowing here in Ely this morning.


No leaves and snow on the pick nick tables.  Yuck, time to go!

The drive through the great basin is flat as a pancake and the road is straight as an arrow with huge snow capped mountains in the distance.  Pretty but the temperature is only about 3C. so it is not spring here yet.  The grass is trying to grow but the trees have no leaves. 


That is one wide open plain.



Yes, that is snow all over the ground. 

P1010500 Gorgeous snow capped mountains.

By the time we hit Wells around 9:30am it had warmed up to a balmy 5C.  We got fuel and I checked out the casino for breakfast but…..too smoky so over across the highway to Bella’s coffee house.  Everything is home made and the coffee is fresh ground.  We both had a huge, delicious but very expensive breakfast.  $30 with a tip.  Outrageous but good and now we’ll just skip lunch.  So, on the road to Twin Falls and it is sunny and we have a tail wind so we are getting 10miles to the gallon.  Way better than yesterday.

Still at 6000 ft. at Wells so really high.  Warmed up and got sunny as we hit Jackpot, Nevada.  There is RV camping at Jackpot but it is even colder than Ely.  Hard to look at any of these places either going south or coming north as it is always too cold. 



Coming into Jackpot, Nevada.


The Casino which has parking to the south of it.


Cheap fuel prices in the U.S. of A. are long gone!

Just as you leave Jackpot and loose the last of your money you cross over the state line into Idaho where gambling is not legal like it is in Nevada. 

So, did you hear the one about the beauty queen from Idaho who was banned from the pageant because her banner said: I…da…Ho!  Get it!  Pretty bad eh!  I think I’m loosing it because now I’m telling bad jokes on my blog.  Sad!

Tried the truck route through Twin Falls this time.  Took the highway 74 cutoff which runs east/west south of Twin Falls and then north  on …which joins up with 93North.  No stop lights but under construction on part of it running through an old residential part of town with schools etc.  An odd place for a truck route.



On the bridge crossing the Great Gorge over the Snake River leaving Twin Falls.  We must stop here some time.

Stopped for fuel on the north side of I84 at the Flying J just before we got on the interstate  to Boise.  So here comes a pet peeve…..At many fuel stations and especially this one, people park to get fuel and then abandon their cars while they go inside for a little shopping trip.  We usually can only get fuel on an outside lane and it is hugely irritating to sit and wait for people who are inside buying junk food and just pissing around.  Get your darn fuel and park your vehicle away from the pumps while you shop!!!!!!  Some people are actually trying to get fuel and don’t have time to wait while you dawdle around.  Drives us crazy!!!

Another 100+ miles to Boise on the interstate through another big open flat plain with wind generators on the ridges.  Scares us every time we go through here but so far we haven’t been blown off the road.  We know what turns those things…..wind….the enemy of the RV!

Rolled into the Boise/Meridian RV park around 3:30pm PST although it is an hour later here in Idaho we just ignore it. 


Parked in the sunshine.



The beautiful Boise/Meridian RV park.  All the services are in the right spot.  Easy pull thrus and all neat as a pin.  A nice stop.

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