Sunday, April 17, 2011

We had another good ride!

Sunday April 17, 2011

Yesterday was a really nice ride up the Bush highway towards Payson and the cut off to Roosevelt Lake.


High up heading toward Payson.


Saguaro Lake on the way to the Roosevelt Lake cutoff.

We rode along the man made lake (Roosevelt Dam created it) and then on to Globe for lunch at Judy’s Diner. 


Beautiful rock formations!


The long hill down to the cut off.


West end of Roosevelt Lake.


Stopped at one of the campsites to stretch our legs.  I love the self timer on the new camera!


Heading along the lake.


The bridge over the dam area.


The dam.

We tried to eat there a couple of years ago but the staff was having a melt down and we couldn’t get seated and gave up.  Today all was okay and we a good lunch.  It was however, the loudest place we have ever eaten in!  The staff was a bright and friendly but they all yell at each other.  I should have left my ear plugs in when I got off the bike!  Yikes! 


Heading south of Globe back to the highway south to Tucson and Florence.


Look at those craggy peaks.


One tunnel to go through.

From Globe back to Apache Junction and it was another 170 mile day and you know what…..I wasn’t sore anywhere.  How great is that.  She’s a cruiser and we are really happy we bought her. 


Palo Verde trees are all in bloom and my nose has been running steady.

This morning I once again checked the weather and we will delay our departure for another couple of days.  There are snow warnings in the Ely area and the overnight lows are still below freezing until the end of the week in many of the places we will stop.  So,  Wednesday and Thursday below the climb to Ely and then onwards.  We hope.  Eric has no desire to drive in the snow or camp at below freezing temps and neither do I.  It just isn’t safe. 

Today we will hook up with Kenny and have a blab before we go out for supper together. 

P.S.  All my pictures are shot on auto while whizzing along on the motorcycle.  The new camera is good!

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  1. Remember the expiry date on the bike insurance while you lolly-gag along!

    We are in Burns, Oregon and it went down to 20 F last night!

    Say "Hi!" to Ken from us.