Sunday, April 24, 2011

Resting in Meridian before we…travel to….?

Easter Sunday April 24, 2011

I had a nice chat with Krista, our daughter in Pittsburgh this morning as well as grand daughter Ava a.k.a. as “Bunny.”  Ava got her nickname when she was just over a year old at Easter and still is Bunny .  I chatted with her this morning and she shared her news.  She said she and grandson Shane left the Easter Bunny 10 carrots but he couldn’t eat them all.  I said he’d be pretty fat if he ate them all and she thought that was funny!  She told me she got her ears pierced on Thursday and it hurt but she was all right now!  This, by the way was her idea and she told her Mommy she would probably cry but if she held her hand she would be all right.  I told her she was getting to be a really big girl and she replied” Yes, she was getting big, but she was still just a kid!”  Oh, by the way Bunny is just four.  What a hoot!  Shane, Ava’s brother is not so chatty on the phone and said “Happy Easter and bye.”  Eric is about the same on the phone. 

My second phone call was to Terrace to daughter  Erika and the grand daughters.  It was so nice to hear Holly (13) and Abby’s (10) voices.  They are both busy with Holly dancing and singing and Abby riding her horse Zana.  Busy, busy lives they lead.  They were interested to hear that Bunny got her ears pierced and that she and Shane were both doing well.  Erika has taken Holly and Abby to Pittsburgh to see her sister Krista and family regularly over the past few years.  A long journey and such a good sister and Auntie is Erika. 

Eric and I are blessed to have such lovely daughters, son in laws and grand children.   

Today was a day of rest and …..worry about the weather.  It was a decent day here but the weather on the next leg of the journey is not so good.  Rain, possibly snow and maybe some wind.  Crap….I just hate all of that.  Eric has everything ready and hopefully we will be able to move tomorrow morning.  We will try to get as far as Othello, Washington but if need be we will stop somewhere else.  If we can just make it over the Cabbage Hill Pass between La Grande, Oregon and Pendleton, Oregon all should be okay.  We could wait for a couple of days but it doesn’t look like it will improve much.  You’d think winter would have slacked off by now but it doesn’t seem that way.  Hard to enjoy your travels when the weather is always such an issue.  Such is life. 

Today we got a few groceries at my favorite store….WinCo.  I won’t bore you with that again but it really is a nice grocery store.!  I did pick up a bit more of the Tillamook cheese which comes from Oregon where our winter friends Manny, Connie and Ramona live. 

Tonight we had an Easter pork roast dinner with fresh spinach from ….Mexico and it was all good.  So, relaxing, hope to have a good sleep and that tomorrow will go well. 

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