Friday, April 22, 2011

Kingman, Az. to Ely, Nevada

Good Friday, April 22, 2011

Pretty quiet in the Fort Beale RV park overnight except for the …..train whistles!  Eric says I would get used to them if we stayed awhile but not this time!  Hit the road at about 8:30 am on our way to Boulder City via the Hoover Dam and then through Las Vegas and north.  There wasn’t supposed to be much wind as they cancelled the high wind advisory at 8pm last night but there was still a nasty head wind to wreck our mileage.  As diesel is running around $4.25 an American gallon it’s an expensive journey home.  Oh well, quit whining or stay home, right! 

The drive down to the dam and over the new bridge was spectacular but a little high for me.  No pictures as I was hanging on and we didn’t have time to stop.


Okay, one picture that’s the bridge over the river by the Hoover Dam.

Clear sailing through Las Vegas and not too, too busy.  Still always a bit stressful.  Fuel at the new Love’s on the intersection where you head up 93 to Ely and then on to Ash Springs for…..more fuel!! and lunch.  We’ve decided to make a run for Ely even though it will likely be cold tonight.  Right now it is sunny and about 20C so here we go.

4pm and we are in Ely, Nevada parked in the Valley View RV park at the north end of town.  You can get cheaper pull thrus at the casino but they are usually all full and so we stay here.  $22.37 with 50 amps and Wifi and yes it is noisy by the highway but it usually quiets down over night.    It is a bit windy, cloudy could freeze tonight so we haven’t hooked up the water.  We did about 338 miles today which was a long day for us especially since you climb to 7300 ft at the pass just south of town.  Add to that fact that we have two heavy Harley’s in the back of the rig.  An additional 900 pounds so it is a grunt up all those big hills.  Eric still can’t believe how our 2005 GMC 3/4 ton Duramax diesel can actually pull all that weight.  A great truck!  Who knows what the loaded rig actually weighs and we probably don’t want to know!

Tomorrow we will try to make it to Meridian, Idaho  which is about 380 miles and there we will stay an extra night to relax.  If we don’t make it that far because of wind or rain etc. Twin Falls is an okay stop too so we’ll see how it goes. 

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