Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Kanab, Utah to Page Lake Powell Campground


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Today’s short 75 mile journey. 


Heading up the hill east on 89 to Page.  The RV sign on the right is where I initially tried to book at the Hitch-N-Post.  They didn’t have room and the Crazy Horse Campground just up the hill on the left didn’t get good reviews.  However….it didn’t look bad when I walked by and you really can’t believe everything you read on the RVparkreviews site. 


Page….74 miles.


Once we got up the hill out of Kanab it was a wide open straight stretch of highway.   Pretty enough in it’s own way. 


There are construction signs everywhere and usually no one is around.  This time they were painting lines.


Even here the cliffs have an unreal look to them.  Every time I glance at them Eric says  “  That’ll be $5 bucks!”   Everywhere you go in the states there is a charge and it really irks him.


This rock formation was standing all alone. 


Kind of looks like cutting a chocolate bar and looking inside.


Another $5 buck view!


This was another rock formation standing alone….kind of looks like three giants standing shoulder to shoulder.  Very unusual.


Here the rock is very dark grey with what looks like concrete at the bottom.


This one looks like a volcano or an upside down ice cream cone.


There are the three smoke stacks that I saw in the distance and the info about them is below.


Very hazy.

This blurb was taken from the Wikipedia website.  

Navajo Generating Station is a 2250 megawatt coal-fired powerplant located on the Navajo Indian Reservation, near Page, Arizona, United States. This plant provides electrical power to customers in Arizona, Nevada, and California. It also provides the power for pumping Colorado River water for the Central Arizona Project, supplying about 1.5 million acre feet (1.85 km3) of water annually to central and southern Arizona. As of 2013 permission to operate as a conventional coal-fired plant is anticipated until December 22, 2044.[3] The Navajo Generating Station is the United States of America's third largest emitter of carbon dioxide




Here we are parked in the PageLakePowell Campground and it is very nice.  Less than $30 per night and the sites are huge.  There are 360 sites and I guess if it was full it could really be noisy.  There are a huge amount of boats here that all go out on Lake Powell so it is a very busy area.  When we were set up I tried posting a blog and wouldn’t you know it the internet was smoking fast and I managed to post two big blogs.   The internet in the Kanab RV Corral park was ultra crummy.


After lunch we went out to check out the route out of town and have a look at the Glen Canyon bridge and dam.  You pass over this as you come into town.


Holding back the water that creates Lake Powell.


We walked out onto the bridge and I shot these pictures by putting my lens through the chain link fence.  A long way down.


The walkway that goes to the west side of the river and the visitor’s centre.


No bungee jumping or sky diving off this bridge.



We drove over to the visitor’s centre so I could take pictures of the bridge and the dam.





Looking north to the beginning of Lake Powell  The little dots on the water are boats.  Speed boats, big and small….house boats, big and small.   Lots and lots of boats.


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A massive body of water.  We are right at Glen Canyon and the water goes on for ever.


Looking down into the dam.


Remember the Major John Wesley Powell the surveyor I wrote about when we visited the North Rim well here he is again and they named a lake after him.   I must be related to him….okay….definitely not. 


Glen Canyon Dam dedicated by Lady Bird Johnson in 1966.


This explains how the power is generated.  Kind of like a pelton wheel. 


One of the used stainless steel turbine runners.


We drove around town and got beer.  30 pack of Bud Lite $19.99 and 10% off because I’m a senior.  I’d rather pay more and be younger!

On the way back to the park we checked out the exit out of town and it’s a very artsy round a bout.  The whole town of Page has wiggling roads and all sorts of artsy traffic diversions that were probably done back in the 60’s.  What’s wrong with a four way stop or a traffic light.  Huge probability of an accident in a round a bout especially with all the heavy truck traffic using it.


Boats stored everywhere.

So….we like this park.  I only booked one night and tomorrow we’ll move on to Cottonwood, AZ for three nights.  Oh by the way this park also has good digital cable, laundry, showers etc.  A good stop. 

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