Tuesday, April 22, 2014

One day in Meridian and it’s raining!

We are tired today but glad to be here.  Today we are off to get another truck tire for the 5th wheel, look for RV parts for the damage that was done (will file an insurance claim but not sure what they’ll cover) look for Harley parts and pick up a few groceries. 

Eric did find another truck tire that will fit the RV which isn’t the same tread design but is the right size.  The guys at Les Schwaab didn’t want to talk about light truck tires on an RV…and said we should go to camping world.  Since we were going to Camping World for parts Eric had a look at the 5th wheels on the lot and “lo and behold” what did he see.  Light truck tires on four triple axle 5th wheel Toy haulers …maybe they are tired of having their trailer tires fail. 

Then…off to the Harley dealer for parts and a look see.  This is the biggest dealer we have ever seen with a huge inventory of bikes, parts and clothing.  I had a look at clothes but didn’t need anything and Eric got parts. 

Fuel, lunch at a Shari’s (very good) and then some groceries at ….you guessed it…WinCo! 

While dinner was cooking Eric decided to admire his new tires on the rig and noticed that remaining TowMax tire on the rig was separating too!  It is hard to spot unless the tire is in the right position.  Out with the tools and change the tire to the spare which is a new TowMax.    We now have one new TowMax that was our spare, two Carlyle and three light truck tires.  Hopefully we are okay for the rest of the trip. 

Researching all of this the Carlyle manufacturers say that you will get between 6 and 12,000 miles out of an ST or special trailer tire.  Just garbage.

So….dinner and bed.  What a ride!

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