Friday, March 14, 2014

A Shopping trip.

I haven’t been downtown much this winter but today Betty, Marilyn and I were off on a shopping mission.  Marilyn was looking for a “princess dress” for her four year old grand daughter and Betty and I had various other things to buy.


The shops are loaded with anything you want.  This is a kitchen shop and you can see the stacks of brown pottery dishes.  P1060231

Many shops full of party items…including piñatas.  P1060232

Off to the princess store.  P1060233

More party items.


It was very hot in the dress shop and I didn’t take any pictures there but Marilyn did find a dress. 


These little dresses are absolutely beautiful and guess what they cost…about 35 dollars including a hoop crinoline.  Cheap enough to play dress up in.  P1060261 Look at the detail. 


On the road back to the market for t-shirts, vanilla and other important stuff!

It was now about lunch time so when we finished in the market we decided to get on the bus and head back to the Golden Zone for lunch and a little more shopping.

Pancho’s on the beach in the Golden Zone was the choice for lunch.  We each ordered a nice cold cerveza to quench our thirst and then we were brought a complementary stuffed jalapeno each along with chips and salsa before we ordered lunch.  I had seafood soup and Betty and Marilyn a chicken Caesar salad each.  Now we were brought a small complementary tequila mixed with some sort of fruit juice and following that a small drink of a chocolate liqueur with cream and ice….. Whewww!  Could we actually do anymore shopping now?  Don’t be silly….of course we could.


As we were walking down the corridor that left the restaurant we stopped in a jewelry shop that sells silver.  I have an affection for brooches for my jackets and especially turtles and frogs.  I was looking at this frog brooch and the salesman started at $48.  I didn’t say anything and just put it down and kept looking.  Now he offered it for $35.  I said nothing and just kept looking.  I picked it up again and he said ….how about $30 and I put it down.  Now he picked it up, weighed it and said “ oh what the heck…how about $25!”  Okay.  He did all the bargaining and I got the brooch for $25.  I guess the silent treatment works.  I think it will look lovely on my jacket.  


This is a shot of Michael’s, the shop that sells colorful glass, pottery and many other beautiful things.  I bought some lovely glasses.

At this point we were all shopped out and it was time to head home.

Another hard day!

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Arlie Watson said...

Hi Cathy and Eric Just finished reading your blog you do a nice job Cathy Eric you look good as well ,I didn't see any home date for you two we are heading out of Yuma on the 14 April. Talked to wade this am starting to warm up I guess ,he went on memorial ride for woody Larson yesterday on sterling mtn. Said there was a huge turnout looks like you have made some good friends in mazatlan have a safe trip home if we don't see you before we go bill and Arlie