Sunday, March 31, 2024

Breakfast, a beach wak and bye bye Erika and Abby.

 Yesterday morning Erika, Abby and I were off to Torres for a brunch.  I didn't know they were planning to go so I'd already had a muffin and a banana about an early lunch!

Abby started with a cup of coffee and so did I.  I like coffee but don't drink much as it bothers my acid reflux.  We'd been to Torres for dinner last Saturday and the ladies decided the view was so nice a repeat visit was in order.  Good food and a comfortable dining experience as the wait staff is so accomplished. 

Abby ordered the breakfast burrito and a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. 

Now if only there was cutlery on the table...😁

Erika ordered orange french toast with bacon.  They each ate half their breakfast and then swapped.  I had a bite of the french toast...yummy. 

Two poached eggs and tasty hash browns for me.

Such a lovely place to sit and have breakfast. for a beach walk which we hadn't done since they got here.  They really like the pools in our complex and spent every day at either the front pool which is heated or the back one which is not. We were so busy that they'd only made it to the beach once.

Looking north towards the Bruja.  It was the Saturday of the Semana Santa Easter weekend but it really wasn't very busy.  On Stone Island just south of the city everyone is elbow to elbow...not here. 

Look how much sand the ocean has removed.  A big bank but soon it will all be flat again.  

The beach accesses have been upgraded with new stairs and wheel chair ramps along with showers and washrooms. Not quite finished yet, but soon.  This one is between the Torres beach road and the Cerritos Resort beach road.  This one ends up on the dunes where the nationals like to come and camp.  

We walked all the way up to the Cerritos Resort beach road on the beach and then back on the walking path.  A good hike that took just over an hour.  Their flight was leaving at 5:20 so there was time for a quick dip before heading to the airport.  

Heading up to the truck to load up.  It was busy out on the road as we headed north to the Mazatlan bypass but once on it, all was quiet.  About 40 minutes to the airport and they had a couple of hours to chill before the flight left.  They landed in Vancouver around 10pm and were off on the sky train to their hotel.  We had a really good visit and the got to see and do lots of different things here in Mazatlan.  No tears when they left as we'll be home in a month!


  1. What a fun busy visit with your kids. I enjoyed each outing and thanks for taking me along! 😁😁😁