Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Yuma for a week.

We left Laughlin on Monday, Nov.17th at around 9:30 am.  It was still hugely windy but as it was a tailwind we decided to push on to Yuma.  We scrapped our plan of an overnight stay in Quartzite as we had been delayed by the wind on Sunday. 


We are heading toward Needles, California on the old Needles highway and we are nearing the Avi Casino.  There are lots of fields in production in this area and it is always hugely dusty but this is “really dusty.”  We looked at the RV park there in the past and said….I don’t think so!


Love the landscape. 


We are now travelling 95 South and coming up to Vidal Junction where we will turn left on Highway 62 to Parker.


Vidal Junction.


Heading to Parker.  We had only travelled for about 2 miles from Vidal Junction and …..the wind stopped completely!  Yahoo!


The ribbon candy road.  It always amazes me how a flat country can make such an undulating road. 


Coming up to the bridge over the Colorado river and Parker, AZ. 


They have been working on this new bridge for years and it appears to be finished.  Not sure what is supposed to travel on the edge where the posts are.  We stopped for fuel in Parker and the gas jockey said that it had been hugely windy in Parker on Sunday as well.  He was polishing the pumps when we got there to clear the dust off them.  Nice kid and he told Eric it was a great area year round.  Up to 126F in the summer but they have the river to cool them down and in the winter they have the desert for recreation when it’s cool.  126F….I don’t think so! 

We stopped at the Wal Mart in Parker for provisions (beer, bread, veggies etc.) had lunch and pushed on. 


South of Quartzite on 95 we are now in the Yuma proving ground and it was a day that the tanks were moving somewhere. 


Coming into Yuma and the cotton is everywhere.  This is an old processing plant.


The first time I saw this I thought it was cement!  Turns out it is Yuma’s summer crop….cotton.  Winter brings all the brassicas (kale, cabbage, broccoli etc.) along with huge fields of lettuce. 

By 5pm we were parked in the Arizona Sands RV park in our preferred spot and all set up.  Shaw TV hooked up too and it was time for a beer. 

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Teresa Johannesma Wood said...

Ya - crazy roads - Derek is a brat and likes to speed up to get that roller coaster feel - not my favourite. Ahhh - Yuma - glad you are in a nice park. A good place to rest before heading to Mexico.