Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Boise/Meridian to Jackpot, Nevada….a beautiful day.

IMG_1103  Out on I84 leaving Meridian.  We didn’t have far to go today so it was a 9:30am departure.  Cloudy but not cold.IMG_1105  Another Boise exit under construction.  A huge amount of money being spent on the highways here. 

IMG_1109   The dreaded windmills.  But….today no wind which is the enemy of the RVer. 

IMG_1110  The open highway and away we go.  IMG_1114

Grain elevators.  Huge farming in this whole area. 


That’s the Snake River down there in that gorge.  IMG_1116Impressive rock formations.   IMG_1118

We left the I84 to travel Highway 30 to Twin Falls.  This is downtown Hagerman.


Beautiful old stone building.   IMG_1122

Looks a tad rocky for farming here.


Heading down to the Snake River. IMG_1124

Beautiful and there’s even an RV park on the river if you wanted to overnight. IMG_1126

Lots of waterfalls coming down the cliffs. IMG_1127

Of course there’d be a tractor on the main highway!IMG_1128

Oh goody he’s leaving.IMG_1129

Heading up out of the Snake River. IMG_1130

They are still farming here in November.  Amazing. IMG_1132

A very sharp turn left. IMG_1133

Highway 30 goes left….not up the hill. IMG_1134

Another left. IMG_1135

Coming into Buhl a very pretty old town. IMG_1136

  A lovely main street. IMG_1138

At the far end of Buhl is our now preferred fuel stop and place to eat lunch. IMG_1139

I should go into to the store and see what they have for sale.  IMG_1140

Parked out back for lunch.  A warm day and we even had the windows open.  IMG_1141

It’s after lunch and I went inside to see what they had to offer.  Well everything!  If you are a country music fan you would like it inside this store.  IMG_1142

Those are deer heads hanging behind the service counter.  There was even a moose head.  IMG_1143

All manner of farming veterinary supplies.  IMG_1144

Need any horseshoes.IMG_1147

  Onward.  This is Filer the last little town before we make the turn onto Highway 93 and head south. IMG_1150


Just after the turn there is the 93 RV park on your left.  We’ve stayed there when it was too cold to stay in Jackpot and it is quite nice. IMG_1152

Heading south.  At this point we were hit with a huge hatch of some small bugs and it was like rain.  Hence the spotty windshield.  IMG_1154

Beef in the field getting nice and fat.  IMG_1155

Sorry vegetarians but they look quite yummy.  We used to raise steers when we were farming and I always enjoyed them.  They were Eric’s favorite of the farm stock.  I preferred my goats.  IMG_1156

We are getting higher all the time. IMG_1157

Coming into Nevada and into Jackpot which is at 5200ft.  It can be horribly cold and very windy here but today….IMG_1159

….it’s beautiful. 


We arrived at the Cactus Pete’s saguaro RV park at around 2:30pm and are all snuggled in.  It has really filled up so it’s always a good idea to get here early.  $18 per night.  There is power and sewer but no water as it has been turned off for the winter.  There is water available if you want to fill your tanks.  We have both had a hot shower down at the RV park office and are now having a couple of beers before we head off to the buffet. 

Another nice day’s drive and we are grateful for each one.  Tomorrow Ash Springs, Nevada.

P.S. – Can’t get the internet to post this blog …..too slow so I’ll try tomorrow.

Thursday Nov. 6th -  parked in the Pickett’s RV park (new owners …used to be the Alamo RV Park) and we have Wifi so posting now.


Teresa Johannesma Wood said...

WoW! Thanks for the trip down memory lane - we know all those places. We overnighted at the Country Store…. Nice ride!

Norm-Susan said...

Enjoying the trip along with you. Glad that you are having such great weather!!