Friday, November 21, 2014

A walk up the canal and then off to San Luis, Mexico to do our paperwork.

I have been getting up every morning at 7:30ish and doing my morning walk along the canal. 


The hot air balloons were in the sky this morning.  Quite beautiful. IMG_1369

At first only a few and then they were everywhere.  Maybe there is some big event happening.  IMG_1370



That’s us….the Cyclone.  Eric will have coffee made when I return. IMG_1373

Looking west.  The big trees are on the edge of the Arizona Sands RV park. IMG_1375

These are two of the three resident canal ducks.  The white one must be getting old as I’ve seen it the past few years.  IMG_1376

The third duck. IMG_1378

The fellow at the edge of the canal is fishing!  Eric asked one of these fisherman what they would catch and they said “ Catfish!”  I can tell you I wouldn’t eat anything out of that canal.  It was too gross to even take a picture of what piles up against the small foot bridges.  Yuck! IMG_1379

Doesn’t seem to bother the ducks. IMG_1380

Coming down the other side of the canal.  IMG_1381

Heading home….the dark tree line is the park.  Dark because it’s so bright out. IMG_1382

Between these two rigs are many pens of dogs.  I counted at least ten.  Most are golden retrievers and the plates on the rig say Washington. IMG_1383

All are well fed, brushed, walked and well looked after but….what the story is I don’t know.  They were here last year but were tucked in the corner and the people were in a big park model.  Still not much of a life for so many big dogs. 

It was quite windy this morning with ominous clouds in the sky.  We decided to brave a bike ride to the border to do our paperwork but…we did wear our heated jackets.  You don’t have to turn them on but you can if you want.  As we left the park there were raindrops on the windshield.  Oh, oh we don’t like rain and it was also very cool.  We both turned on our heated jackets.

I realized that as we were out on the road that I had forgotten my camera so, sorry no pictures.

  When we arrived at the border (San Luis Colorado) there was a huge amount of construction on both sides and it looks like it should be quite nice when it’s done.  We parked the bike and left it in a grocery store parking lot and walked to the border.  First order of business was the tourist visa at immigration.  After filling them out we took them to the banjercito to pay.  We told the two fellows there we were also going to do our vehicle importation for the motorcycle and the truck.  That sparked quite a conversation between the two of them.  We paid for the visas and then back to immigration for a stamp.  When we were asked where we were going to stay in Mazatlan we said “Las Jaibas RV park” and the immigration officer was familiar with it as he’d had quite a few people come and get visas who said they were going there.  So we were stamped and then back to the banjercito for vehicle importation.  We paid the usual large amount of money as a deposit for importing the bike and the truck.  This will of course be returned when we leave Mexico and we turn in our stickers.  This has worked just fine so far.  We had copies of our passports, drivers licenses and vehicle registration with us so everything went smoothly.  The two fellows doing the paperwork were personable and friendly and the whole process took about an hour.  Now the walk back to the US side of the border which is a convoluted wander and then a half hour wait in line to cross back into the USA.  Lunch at Carl’s Junior….which was good but huge proportions and the huge size of the clientele reflected the huge amounts of food. 

Back to the park to sort out the paperwork.  We made copies of stickers, paperwork, visas and insurance.  Copies in the vehicles and originals in the file.  Eric does not put the sticker on the bike but carries a copy of it with him.  Removing the sticker would damage the Lexan windshield. 

When we arrived home there was a Fedex sticker on our door.  Eric’s front tire for Big Red had arrived.  It was left at the office as we weren’t home.  He ordered it on Wednesday from Jake Wilson and it was here in two days.  Free shipping and no tax….and cheaper than the one he order two years ago.  You can’t beat that.

Tomorrow is Eric’s birthday so I’ll make lasagna for him and he can have the day to do what he likes.  Go off on a ride on Big Red! 

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