Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Alamo, NV to Jackpot, NV

I didnt post yesterday as after working onnthe photos for 1 1/2 hours google photos mucked up my photo order.  Once I edit each photo and back them up I have to load them into blogger.  At that point Google photos loses its mind so I'll do a bit of commentary and the rest is just a pictorial Mish mash!  Here the motel manager is sitting in the sun chatting to over nighters.  There is no breakfast here but he provides some of the best coffee we've ever had.
Quiet morning and 17c.

The mountains don't look real.

Ash trees at ash springs.

There's water here so the hay crop is green.

White water narrows...the write up is...somewhere😁
I always take photos here...just amazing.

High and going higher.
Lonesome highway just the way we like it.

As we rise Junipers start to appear.

Coming into Ely.
We picked,up diesel at the Love's station.

We used to stay here in the RV.  We really like Ely when it's 17c like yesterday.

This is the summit coming into Ely.

Diesel was a good price here too.
The last number of photos were from before Ely.  It's a huge pain to load photos when Google messes up so...this is lunch at the pony express rest stop just past Ely.

Coming into McGill.
Main Sstreet McGill...this was the copper smelter for the mines at Ely.
Neat old company houses.
Neat old town.
Must have been a company building.
What a sky!
Oops.. back to our lunch stop😉

The Ruby mountains.

Pretty nice eh😊

Wells, Nevada where a trucker can get anything he wants..brothels here since the 1800's when the gals kept the Cowboys happy.  I know it costs bucks for bangs here but I wonder how many bucks😉

There are ladies of the evening down there!
A prong horn antelope overpass.  Tall fences to keep them off the highway as this is a major migration area.
More interesting rock.

Coming into Jackpot and it's  about 18c.  Usually cold and windy here even at this time of year.

We stayed at Barton's Club 99.  
The room is on the hill behind the hotel.  Eric's surveying his domain😊  He likes to have chair to sit on while I don't mind the bed.  The two chairs you see weren't safe to sit on...I let the front desk know this morning.

Yesterday's journey.  Jackpot is on Idaho time which is one hour later but we just ignored it as we were going to Pendleton Oregon today and it's the same time as Mazatlan and BC.

Now for the bad.  We went down to the casino restaurant where we've eaten before.  Last night it was horrible.  I ordered a side salad which was large, good and large enough to share.  I ordered beef dip and fries and Eric ordered a shrimp vegetable wrap.  When the plates came we were stunned.  We've never seen so many fries on a plate and they were with Erics wrap too.  Three people couldn't eat one plate.  Obscene to us and I asked the waitress what happened to all the wasted food and it's just thrown out.  My beef dip bun was dripping in grease and I ate less than half.  Eric's tortilla wasn't greasy but everything inside was dripping as well.  The meals were cheap at just under 13 dollars but what a waste.  The restaurant must have new management as the menu has changed and so has the cook.  I didn't bring my phone to dinner...but I wish had.  Disappointing.

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  1. Cool scenery! What a great drive you're having. I can't believe there is so much snow on the mountains.