Thursday, November 21, 2019

Ladies Lunch at Chayito's Wednesday Nov. 13th.

 Finally this blog is posted...from last Wednesday the 13th.  I don't have wired internet yet so it's a struggle to get this together.

Wednesday we were all off to Chayito’s for ladies lunch.  Located in the north end of the Golden Zone and noted for it’s fine breakfasts. When we were there two years ago the very personable waiter told me I couldn’t have dessert because I hadn’t finished my lunch! I did remind him of that today.

Now that’s a fine looking group!  We’d all met up at the RV park (Las Jaibas) at 11:30 to take the bus to lunch and since we’ve all known each other for a number of years we were really happy to be back together.  From the left Susie (BC) Helene (New Mexico but born in Canada) Marilyn (Alberta) Jeannette (BC) Sandi (Iowa) Cathy (BC) and our fearless leader Ruth from Wisconsin! The only one who has not been an RVer in Las Jaibas is Ruth. 

Jeannette who just pulled into Las Jaibas a couple of days ago was catching up with Marilyn who now winters in the condos just a stone’s throw from the park.  In the back Ruth and Helene. 

We were a bit early for lunch so the drinks arrived.  Two for one…yikes …I can’t drink both of those Pina Coladas!  Cathy, Sandi and Susie.

Lunch started to arrive and Helene is having a traditional tortilla soup.  All the fixings on the side and a big jug of broth to add as you wish.  This is where I got into trouble two years ago when I ordered what I thought would be a regular size bowl of soup and…a chimichanga.  Way, way too much food! Hence …the no dessert thing.

Ruth and Helene each had tortilla soup and then thought they’d share something else.  Again…way too much food.

Keep an eye on what you’re doing Ruth.

                                                          Jeannette’s breaded shrimp.

Sandi ordered coconut shrimp and the meal was so big she ended up taking most of it home.  By the way…these are not expensive meals. 

Susie had posole which is a meat stewy soup.  This one has a number of different things including tongue.  It was a half order and she took most of it home.

Cathy had a shrimp chimichanga which is a meal by itself.  I just love saying “ Chimichanga!”

                                                    Hmmm….more breaded shrimp.

Everyone had a great time chatting and catching up after our summer apart. 

My enchiladas suiza which were just stuffed with chicken.  I couldn’t finish them and didn’t manage the second Pina Colada either!

I think I look very tired and need some relax time on the beach.  That’s coming soon! 

Another good lunch with friends!


  1. Kathy, I have been following your blog for years. We travel down and your updates on the highway are always helpful. Curious...I recognize your friend she from Duncan?

    1. Yes, Cathy does live in Duncan. She and husband Doug are in the condos in the complex next to us.

    2. Thanjs, now I just have to figure where I know her from. She is so recognizable with those beautiful eyes.

  2. Love the blogs on the "Ladies Out to Lunch" - it always looks like you enjoy each other's company and find good places to eat, too.

    You have been working hard to get your new house in order - so glad you got a break to enjoy your friends. Always a plus.

  3. I’ve seen you drink... I think you could manage two drinks! I call bullshit!

    1. Beer, yes..mixed drinks,no! At least not in the middle of the day.

  4. So glad that you took part of the layoff to enjoy your friends and to catch up. Lots of work getting the house up to your standards. Soon you will be able to just sit and rest and enjoy it and the beach .