Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A couple of days at the Playa de Cortez

We spent two days and three nights at the Playa de Cortez and it was the warmest it has ever been there.  Well actually it was cloudy and that made it steamy….we even had to run our air conditioner which rarely happens until we get into Arizona. 

Sunday night there was a Mexican wedding and it wasn’t too loud and didn’t go too late.  No problem.

Monday Eric was tired and so was I.  Always stressful when something on the rig breaks on the road. 


We did manage to rally ourselves and go into San Carlos for a few errands and lunch on Monday.  We usually eat at the Yacht Club restaurant which is always changing hands.  This time the decor and furnishings were redone along with the menu. 


Now called Hammerhead’s and the staff was Mexican.


I had a chili burger and ….


Eric had a mushroom cheese burger.  Very good!  His first burger in about six months.


This sign was on the wall in the ladies washroom.  It gave me a chuckle!

After lunch we were off to fuel up.  The gas attendant said it would be really busy from Thursday to Sunday for Semana Santa …..actually he said it would be “loco!”  We were in San Carlos for Semana Santa six years ago when we stayed at the Marina Terra in a condo.  Not our cup of tea!

After lunch I did a quick shop at the small Ley’s store in town and picked up what I needed until we cross the border.

Next stop Totonaka RV park for a visit with Dennis and Marilyn who wintered with us in Las Jaibas.  They have been there a week and were leaving on Tuesday morning to drive to Ajo, AZ.  Noticed that the park was quite full and Dennis said it was due to a Quebecois caravan (22) and a half a dozen others who had just pulled in.  They were all leaving the next morning (Tuesday)  so we decided to stay an extra day and not run into them on the road.  Makes it too busy at toll booths, gas stations etc. and …..we are not in a hurry!


Looking at Miramar on our way back to the Playa de Cortez which is in the distance.

A quiet night on Monday, a quiet day around the rig on Tuesday and a small party up the road on Tuesday night.  The hotel is moderately full and may really fill up over the weekend. 

On the road tomorrow for Edgar and Ana’s Punta Vista RV park in Santa Ana. 

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Teresa Johannesma Wood said...

Good thing you found out about the caravan! We've only been to Edgar and Anna's once so they wouldn't remember us. Glad they are still running their park. See you in the USA!