Monday, January 26, 2015

Pancho’s on the beach for lunch.

Time for lunch again!

This week’s choice for lunch was located in the Golden Zone.  Theresa joined the gals and I and Eric and J.J. headed off downtown on their own.  Sunday was a cloudy day with a little rain but today the sun had come out and it was warm and humid.

All aboard the green bus and we ladies got off at Panama’s which is a popular restaurant and bakery and continued down the street to Pancho’s on the beach for lunch.  I have eaten at Pancho’s before so I was sure we’d have a good food.



Heading down the street and that’s Theresa just ahead of me.IMG_2299

The group is way ahead.  The concrete is colorful with a shiny coating.  It is not slippery when it’s dry but when it’s wet….who knows!IMG_2300

We are all seated for lunch.  A couple of missing spots as we are never sure who’ll turn up.  IMG_2301

A very lovely restaurant with beautiful tile work and “objets d’art” on the the walls.IMG_2303

Theresa has beer and I had a piña colada.  I normally drink Pacifico lite but I splurge when we go out for lunch. IMG_2304

That’s Sharen on the right talking to her friend Connie.  Sharen and George just arrived a couple of days ago.  She and George live in Oregon like Connie and Manny.  Nice people!IMG_2305

First we have chips and salsa along with jalapenos stuffed with marlin.  On the house. IMG_2306

The meals arrived quickly and I had the Mexican plate which contains a large variety of food.  It was very large, very good and I couldn’t finish it!IMG_2307

Val had queso fondido I think.  IMG_2308

Marion had ordered the Mexican plate as well. IMG_2309

Sharen had the brochettes and she took home a doggie bag!IMG_2310

Looks delicious.IMG_2311

Theresa ordered the pork shank and she said it was also delicious.  I might add that she said that the food at the Riu is the best that they have had at any of the all inclusives they have stayed in.  IMG_2312

Eddie’s mixed fajita’s.  Good also.

Consensus on the lunch…..thumbs up!


Theresa and I along with Connie and Sharen wandered off to see what was available in the shops.  This pond full of fish was out front of one clothing shop.  Looks a bit crowded.  IMG_2314

Heading down the street.  The Golden Zone is quite perked up now that the cruise ships have returned and the drug wars have quieted down!  There is also extra traffic and people from Durango.  Good for the merchants.IMG_2315

Clothes shopping is done and we are heading back to Michael’s Gallery before we head home.  Beautiful glass, pottery, jewelry, artwork and much, much more. 

When we were done it was home on the green bus. 

Eric and J.J. arrived a short while later after their trip downtown.  They took the green bus to the end of the line down by the ferry dock and then walked back to Olas Altas for lunch.  They ate at El Shrimp Bucket and although it was very good it took forever for the food to come.  They were the only customers. 


Tonight a beautiful sunset.


Norman-Susan Gorniak said...

Pancho’s food looks really good. Next time we are in Mazatlan we will for sure have to try it. We loved Fat Fish. Theresa is right, the food at the Riu is the best of any all inclusives we have stayed at. Thanks for the pics and info. Next time beach shots please!!! LOL

Contessa said...

We enjoy Pancho's but haven't been yet this season. Fabulous sunset shot.