Sunday, January 25, 2015

J.J. and Theresa come to visit.

Theresa and Jim arrived at the Riu on Friday evening.  They are family in-law (our son in law Wade’s sister and her husband.)  We have spent many family dinners together over the years and we enjoy their company.  Jim speaks Spanish which is a plus and he and Theresa have travelled to many destinations in Mexico as well as the Dominican and Cuba. 

JJ showed up at the rig door yesterday morning as he’d scoped out the lay of the land on Google Earth.  An amazing tool!  Eric took him out for a quick tour in the truck and I…..cleaned up the rig.  Later in the afternoon I walked north on the beach to the Riu (about 1/2 hr.) and Eric took the truck as his foot is sore right now. 



These pictures are from a different and cloudy day.  Still a pretty impressive structure with over 700 rooms.

Theresa and I had a nice catch up talk and the guys went up the beach to Bruja for a swim.  Eric said the waves were big and clean and the water was warm.  Bueno!


Jim and Eric conflabbing!  That’s Bruja up by the rocks.


Jim and Theresa.  Nice spot to lounge out in front of the Riu.  You need an arm band to get inside.  I’ll see if I can take pictures inside later in the week. 

We’ll get together a few times over the two weeks that they are here.  Nice to see people from home.


P.S. - 


I noticed this flower on the fence the other day.


The center of the flower becomes this gourd like pod that opens to become….



Pretty flowers filled with seeds.

As a jardinera (gardener) I would guess that this plant is highly invasive as it rapidly covers the chain link.


Today the “wild turkeys?” were busy eating the seeds and will disperse them far and wide. 

A problem ….I wonder.


Norman-Susan Gorniak said...

Thanks for the post and pictures Kathy. We have stayed at the Riu several times and just love it so much. Also, walking to Looney Beans is just great as the coffee at the Riu is not the best. Looking forward to seeing more pics to make life more bearable in cold snowy Alberta.

Sandy Matts said...

Could that be a Chachalaca? They are very vocal usually early morning.

Kathy Tycho said...

Thanks! I Googled the Chachalaca and I would agree that's what it is. There is even a Rufous bellied Chachalaca and this one did have a red belly. Very, very noisy in the morning and since the park is surrounded by bush there are lots of them!

Contessa said...

Despite the flower being invasive I do like it a lot, very colorful.