Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Chili Cook Off Meeting, Hair and feet, Camera pick up and a little shopping.

These detailed headings allow me to find older posts if I want to remember something at a later date.  

Wednesday was a busy day that started with a pedicure and haircut at Gaby’s (Rosie’s shop.)  I teased Rosie about her big party which she said over 400 hundred people attended!  I told her that in every picture I’d taken of her “she was crying!”  I know she said….I was just so happy!  The whole party was a success and apparently it was her staff of lovely ladies who didn’t want her to hire waiters for the evening.  They didn’t think it was good to have people who don’t know us serving the food….so they did it.  How nice is that!   Thank-you!  Rosie had some glitches with the liquor cooling but it all seemed fine to us.  A lovely party. 

So feet were prettied up and my haircut was done at the same time (not my first choice as the hair can fall in the polish) but someone had no showed their 9am hair appointment.  How rude!

Hair and feet were done and I was off to pick up my Panasonic Lumix Camera downtown.  Unfortunately it could not be repaired.  The automatic lens cover was not opening and would not stay open if opened manually.  However it would stay shut and closed properly.  The camera repair man speaks very little English but I did get the jist of the whole thing.  He said the mechanism is attached to the zoom and he couldn’t take the lens covers off so he suggested I put a little silicone under it to keep it open all the time.  Not sure what I’ll do. 

Then it was off to the Dulceria or candy shop for some sweets.  Val brings candies to cards on Tuesday and since Eric likes them I was on a mission to find them.  The shop that sells them is one street off of Calle Aquiles Serdan which runs in front of the market and I actually remembered where it was.  We also like the very sweet milk caramel candies so we are now all sweetened up.  Very sweet!



A few veggies in the market and home on the bus. 

Our chili cook off, cooks meeting was at 1:30 that afternoon and most of us attended. 


Quantities to cook (at least six quarts), table set up, number identification and ladle size along with a number of other questions were answered.   At this point we have between 18 and 20 people committed to cook.  There was also some concern voiced by a few cooks from outside the park at the increase in our donation entrance fee for chili tasting.  We have increased the cost of entrance from 50 pesos to 100 pesos and some thought it was too much.  Personally I don’t see it as an issue as at about $8 Canadian or just under $7 American it seems minimal.  We also offer a 50/50 draw, a very extensive raffle and will be selling beer, wine, tequila, pop and water.  A live band will also be playing.  The raffle is set up with a jar at each item so you can enter your ticket for something you want to win.  Lots of very nice items as well as donated gift certificates.  Aprons and t-shirts will also be sold. 

Last year we had over 300 hundred people in attendance and everyone had a great time. A huge amount of time and effort goes into this event….especially from Frank who has done a great job of organizing everything.  Thanks Frank!

We hope to see you on Saturday, January 31st at 1pm and that people will remember it is “All for the children!”

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