Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Run Up To Rincon

Wednesday January 11, 2012

Sam and Rita are moving up to Rincon today to spend a little time with their friend Judy from the Yukon.  Like many RVers friendships are formed as we meet along the road and this is one of those.  Sam and Rita will stay in a bungalow across from her park (sorry I don’t remember the name) and visit before they head home on Friday.  We plan to ride with them but that will depend on La Tourista! 


Parked in Tlaquepaque and ready to ride! 


Biker chicks!

We parked on the street and went in to say Hi with Sam and Rita and have a short visit.  We decided to stay in Los de Marcos because we like it and also because we will be staying south longer on our own. 


We had a nice chat with Judy and her dog “Scarlett” who has become the RV park pet.  She is the only dog except for a couple of little ones that stay inside their rig so she is likely to get quite spoiled!

The park is all concrete with hedges dividing the spots.  Unfortunately the water pressure is low so people have to fill their tanks and run their pumps to up the pressure and it is quite noisy to have right next to you.  They charge is daily in this park, not monthly and it runs around $25 so it is quite expensive….not sure if they pay for power too….but probably. 


Scarlett became shy when I tried to take her picture so Judy had to hold her!

We wandered out to the beach for a look and it seemed quite a bit more windy than Los de Marcos but it is a huge bay with a very long beach.  Lots of people sunning themselves and it apparently gets really packed a lot of the time. 


Underneath their newly refurbished pallapa! 

A nice visit and home for a swim. 

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