Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bocce Barbecue!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Bocce tournament is done and those involved gathered for a celebratory barbecue this evening. 

Hamburgers, fries, multitudes of salads appetizers and deserts as well.  I am so full!!!


Do these smoked salmon appetizers  look yummy or what.  Thanks to our German friends in the park … Regina and Gunter.  


Jeanette congratulates Sam and Fred on winning the Bocce tournament.  That’s Sam on the right, you probably don’t recognize him with his shirt on!  Great job guys. 


These handsome guys in the aprons were our cooks for the evening.  Manny on the fries and Dennis, Dick and Frank on burger barbecues.  Thanks guys! 


Dennis frying up the burgers.


Manny sizzling up his fries.  Hot and delicious.



Ron & Brenda.


Chatting before we eat. P1020025

Sandi, Jeanette, Marilyn, Marion and Rita.  Everyone played Bocce and everyone had a good time.

Thanks to Jeanette, Bill and Connie for all their hard work setting up times and keeping us organized.  Thanks also to the various referees who helped keep us all honest and let us know if it was “Verde” or “Rojo” that was closest to the Pea. 

P1020031 Once again, the crowd does not go hungry!


Plenty for all…..even Eric!


This is one of the park workers, Genaro and boy can this guy ever eat.  We always offer him food if we are having a get together and he can really pack it away.  Nice man!


Just as we were getting ready to eat Hal and Helene pulled in.  Helene had a hip replacement on Wednesday and Hal was bringing her home. 


Helene is happy to be home and the ladies ran over to their rig with some party food.  Good to see her home!


This is not money laundering but only a football pool! 

As you can see by the above picture it is now dark… time to take our full tummies home to relax on the couch.   Night night! 

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