Friday, June 10, 2022

Happy Birthday to me and my elbow😁

 On Monday I had my 3 week xray and yesterday I saw my doctor.  The radiologist says the hardware is in place and the bone is healing...hallelujah!  To say I've been worried is an understatement as it's been 3 months since my fall in March. So...Onward.  it will be a slow journey this time and to everyone's surprise I'm actually doing as I'm told😁!

Today is my birthday and I am always reminded of the following poem.

I was born on a Friday and today is a Friday.  I do love to give presents and I keep my love a bit hidden but it's there and it's fierce❤

Since we arrived home Eric has been busy burning the huge stump piles next to our new driveway road.

I of course have been gardening and mowing lawns with one arm!!  Eric says I'm going to have a Popeye arm by the time this over 😁

This evening we'll be at our daughter Erika's along with son in law Wade and granddaughter Abby for dinner.

This was June of 2020 and my cheesecake that Abby made for my birthday...yum!


  1. Oh, I do hope you get another cheese cake for this birthday, too! Enjoy the rest of your day