Friday, February 9, 2018

We haven’t been to San Ignacio yet this year…so let’s go!


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It’s road trip time of the year and today we are off to San Ignacio with Frank and Sandi.   Only 62 miles today so we don’t have to leave really early….10:30ish will do.


We stopped up the road at a Pemex to fuel up.  The red truck beside Frank had his music playing so loud we had to yell at each other!  Nothing is ever too loud in Mexico.


Guess who?


It’s a pretty day so “ Get out on the higway and get your motor running!”  Heading north on the free road.


There is always a hazard around every corner.  Eric passed this loaded truck as soon as he could.   The load isn’t tied down and a big bump could land a bag right in front of us….no bueno!

Farther down the road we were passed on a double line by a pick-up with a dirtbike in the back.  When we stopped later Frank said the same guy had passed them on a blind corner and there was someone coming so there were three vehicles squeezed into two lanes.  Frank said this was as close to an accident that he’d come….good thing it wasn’t a semi coming toward them or it would have been a disaster.  Since the truck then passed us unsafely I guess he doesn’t care if he dies….or kills a bunch of other people.


Turn right for Coyotitan and San Ignacio.


Is the road under construction or….is it finished.  I guess we’ll find out.


Coyotitan is a pretty little town.


At the east end of Coyotitan there is a new business.  That’s agave in the distance.


Cattle in a feed lot and what else I don’t know.  It had a big fancy sign that I missed.


Big clouds up in the mountains but there isn’t supposed to be any rain today. 


It’s a really nice ride today because the road is actually finished and has new pavement so….no potholes.  Bueno!


Coming into the tiny village of El Lodazal or as we call it   “Radishtown.”


To the left some cattle on the hill.


To the right ladies selling radishes. 


Sandi always has some little fruit snacks in her purse and this little guy is so shy he has backed right up to his Gramma.


Sandi had to help him open them.

In behind you can see the beautiful bunches of radishes, squash, bagged nopales cactus and papayas.  I bought radishes and a squash.   We stop here every year as we go by and the younger woman said something about San Ignacio and another time so I’m thinking she remembers us.  The bike and the jeep are quite memorable! 



Here we are coming into San Ignacio and they have planted a row of palms along the sidewalk coming in.  Very attractive.


The beautiful gate on the west end of the bridge coming into San Ignacio.


Lots of water in the Rio Piaxtla.


The huge statue of Jesus Christ can be seen up on the hill.


Another pretty colonial town with all sorts of shops and…..


many, many beautiful old buildings. 


A little paint would restore this one to it’s former glory.


Clean as a whistle along this street.


At the end is the second square and the restaurant where we’ll eat.


The square is ringed with trees and it makes a nice shady spot to relax.


Big Red is parked and it’s time for lunch.


On the east side of the square is the restaurant where we always eat.  There are a few other small ones up the street that we’ve tried but this one is handy and the food is always good.


How’s that for a back drop.  This restaurant is in the building which has the performing arts hall with all the beautiful paintings.  I have documented them before so today I won’t.

To start with we asked the waitress if she had cerveza but she didn’t.  We asked if we could buy some and bring it in…no problem so off to the Oxo store across the street. 


She brought out a nice plate of an avocado and fresh cheese guacamole and salsa.  Yum!


Sandi thinks so too!


Not sure what Eric’s laughing about but he looks pretty relaxed while we wait for lunch.  Frank and Sandi order camarones(shrimp) empanizado(breaded and deep fried) and we had the same only pescado(fish.)

Somehow I lost focus here and forgot to take a picture of the lunch. Just imagine our other lunches with either shrimp or fish, rice, tomatoes and cucumbers and a basket of fresh tortillas and there you have it.  Very good and 120 pesos each for the shrimp dinners and 100 pesos each for the fish. 


Lunch is over and it’s time to head home.   We mount up and head out of town.  Behind us you can see the very beautiful San Ignacio de Loyola church.


We entered San Ignacio on a one way street and now we leave it on a different one way.


Over the big bridge and out of town.



We’re rolling along and a big colorful bus passes by. 


Even if you don’t have fancy digs you can still have a satellite dish!


The clouds were amazingly beautiful and luckily they were up in the mountains and not the way we were going. 


The tell tale landmark that says we are almost home….the Riu hotel. 

A good day!


I caught a picture of this beautiful hawk up in the palm behind our rig.  He was cleaning himself up for his next hunting expedition.  Gorgeous bird!


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Sandy Matts said...

Nice pictures of the white cloud and very blue sky and especially the hawk.