Monday, November 13, 2017

Day four in Mazatlan.

So what’s been going on….well not too much.  It’s taking a bit to adjust to the heat and humidity so it’s been slow going. 

We arrived on Thursday afternoon and now it’s Monday afternoon.  Friday morning we unloaded the bike before we backed up into our preferred spot.  Man…did we sweat!  80% humidity and 33C that day and it was uncomfortable.  IMG_8155

Sorry for the glare but I was shooting into the sun.  This might seem to be an odd “preferred spot” to many but as you can see there is no one behind us or on either side.  This suits us. 


We didn’t get everything set up that day but….one day at a time.  We aren’t in a hurry.  I did manage to run over to Gumay’s (spelling?) vegetable truck and the shrimp guy was here as well so dinner was great.  I bought a pound of medium shrimp for about $7 Canadian.  Garlic shrimp, fresh beans and a little crunchy tomato salad.  Bueno!   I so miss the fresh produce of Mexico when I am at home.  Gumay and the shrimp seller (I’ll get his name) are here on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning around 10:00am.  How convenient is that!


One other thing is now as it should be.  As we don’t have a dishwasher here like we do at home….Eric is it!  I cook and do pots and he does the dishes.  Isn’t he cute!


It has been busy in the park over the last few days as people pass through.  Three big rigs out back by us and a half a dozen up front all left this morning for destinations farther south.  Lots of rigs will be moving through over the next month. 


Up ahead is the area of the park which has always been a preferred area as there is no thru traffic.   The road is a dead end.


This is Rocky and Nancy’s new Big Horn.  They are parked in Dick and Val’s usual spot.  For health reasons they are not here and it is nice to see someone that they know in their spot. 


Val always kept a very tasteful and pretty site.  Don’t you think Nancy’s flamingos are a nice touch. 

Parked right ahead of Rocky and Nancy are Frank and Sandi.  They are parked in John and Geri’s old spot as they aren’t here this year either.   Again it’s nice to see people that they know and like in their spot.  The rest of the row is quite empty this year as many people are not here for one reason or another.  Ron & Diane and Fred & Marion are usually in this row.  We miss them all and hope they will have a good winter wherever they are. 

Eric has managed to start riding his bicycle and I even got up and did my morning walk today.  Eric did his weights today and walked the beach yesterday.   There is plenty to do here and soon we’ll have all our routines back in order. 

The ocean is warm but the surf is huge right now so swimming hasn’t been an option.  I sat on the beach yesterday afternoon while Eric walked.   Hopefully it will calm down soon.   Beach pictures another day. 

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Ok, cut the hair Eric! And shirtless too! You floozy!