Monday, April 17, 2017

Ride to Seligman ….did we have fun? No way Jose!!!



120 miles each way


Heated jackets are on.  It will be over 90F in Laughlin today but we are heading up towards Kingman and it will not be hot.


The scenery as we ride up to Kingman is gorgeous as always.  It is quite windy and it turns out it is a taste of what’s to come!




We get onto route 66 at Kingman and head east towards Seligman. 


Peach Springs is on the way to Seligman where we will have lunch.


Valentine Indian School which has been vacant since 1969.


The rock mesas are as flat as a pancake.


Piles and piles of round rock. 


Here the highway is wide open and flat and it is windy as hell.  I try to duck down and hide behind Eric but we are both being slammed as we ride along.


We’ve travelled through Peach Springs which is the center for the Hualapai nation. 


We are both cold (heated jackets on but not plugged in) and tired of the wind by the time we get into Seligman.


The last time we were in Seligman we ate here at Westside Lilo’s and the food was good.


Today….not so much.  We aren’t very fussy but the fries were really overdone and the burger was dry….just icing on the cake for a rather crappy day. 


Lunch is done and the jackets are plugged in for the ride back which neither one of us are looking forward to.  We’ve done this ride twice before and enjoyed ourselves…not today.


It was just as windy heading back and not any fun at all.  This train was right beside us and even though we were doing 60mph it was pulling away from us. 

At this point I was hiding from the wind and completely lost interest in taking photos. 

By the time we got back to Laughlin the wind had died down a bit, it was smoking hot and we were both exhausted. 

Beer, a bowl of soup and bed. 


Joy said...

I like crispy fries so I would have liked them!

Joy said...

I like crispy fries so I would have liked them!

Sandy Matts said...

Sounds like a brutal ride - poor Eric trying to hold that bike upright