Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ladies Lunch at El Presidio

Today’s lunch was at the very prestigious El Presidio restaurant which is known for it’s ambiance and fine dining. 

El Presidio does not open until 1pm for lunch so Ruth had ordered a truck for 12:30 to take us downtown.  Well guess what….the truck didn’t show up!  Ruth was off on a family day as her grandson Joey was visiting and we were on our own.  As usual when she isn’t with us there is a problem.  We waited on the street but…no auriga’s drove by.  At ten to one we hopped on a bus and headed downtown.  We are going to be late for our 1pm reservation.


It is now about 1:40 and we are walking down Mariano Escobedo towards Ninos Heroes where the restaurant is.


Just ahead you can see that the street is dug up as they redo cross streets.  In retrospect we should have come down Constitucion as it isn’t being repaired.


Lovely side street.


This is restaurant El Presidio.


The entrance is very discreet.



We head into the very large, open courtyard where we will have lunch.


Today there are eight of us sitting at two tables of four.  Sharen is looking at the menu and telling us what she has eaten here before.  She said it is all good.


Sharen and Connie discuss what they will order.


Jeri, Jeannette, Marion and Pat are sitting together today.


It is after two now and we are all starving.  Sharen ordered an appetizer for us to share….pork rinds and a spicy dip.  Pork rinds are very popular in Mexico.  Very rich and filling and easy to eat too much.


The waiter is heading into the bar which was probably the entrance to the stable when this was a dwelling.  Casa Garcia was built in 1876 and has been owned by many families over the last 140 years.   It is now owned by Chef Diego Becerra whose great grandmother lived here many years ago. He has restored it and created restaurant El Presidio.   Connie asked one of the ladies who worked there about the history of the restaurant and she said the casa was built by a Swedish banker who started the first bank in Mazatlan.  When he moved back to Sweden is was sold and has had many owners before Chef Diego Becerra. 


The meals start to arrive and I think Pat had this lovely chicken on asparagus


Various single tacos were ordered and if you are still hungry you can order more.


This is my “ go big or go home!” lunch.  Filet mignon on a crown of bacon wrapped shrimp served fresh spinch in a crepe and topped by a very tasty and spicy sauce.  Delicious…you bet!  Shouldn’t have eaten those pork rinds!


Bets had a pulled pork sandwich and she could only manage half of it.


This is the little suitcase that they bring the meals in.  The flap is folded down and each meal is inside and ready to serve.  The sign of a good restaurant is…warm plates and mine was piping hot.


Sharen had Japanese tuna.


Connie ordered a fish taco (beautifully presented) along with a plate of sliced beets topped with goat cheese and avocado.


And….a bowl of rosemary potatoes.


Sharen has eaten here many times and really enjoys the tuna.



Sharen took my picture so I could be on the blog too.


The waiters are all dressed in black slacks with white shirts and aprons.  Very professional and they have a number of younger waiters who are being trained to work in this fine restaurant. 


Everyone is still eating and I wander off to take some pictures.


The courtyard is full of Banyan, fig and laurel trees.


The restaurant has been left very rustic inside with exposed beams and bare old brick.  


There are many levels for different functions and glass covered dining on days when it’s raining.


I walked up to the next level so I could taken pictures from above.


Steep stairs up.


Our two tables under the umbrellas and they all see me up above. 


Looking down towards the entrance.




That is the fish tank which looks like a water trough.


Sharen is trying to talk Connie into ordering dessert….didn’t work.


Some of the brick has been restored and looks quite artsy.


The fish are black and some sort of algae eaters.  They look like catfish.


Hard to get a picture with the reflection of the water. 


Another second level where they have various functions.  At the end on the left there was a hot fire burning.


You could hold a dance up here!


I leaned out and took a picture west towards the ocean.


Very tranquil here.


Huge old trees that have been preserved.


This is the bathroom and the only one with an auto flush toilet that I have encountered in Mexico!


Something on the surface of the water is attracting the fish.


Don’t sit down!  Sharen got up for a moment and then there was bird poop on her chair.  It is an open air restaurant so anything is possible.


When I wandered back Jeri, Jeannette, Marion and Pat were sharing a couple of desserts.  Poor Sharen…she didn’t get to have dessert!


That looks pretty delicious…too bad I’m so full.


This sign is just outside the entrance to the covered and glassed in dining area.


A lovely place to eat.  Look at the mural on the end wall.


Greenery everywhere. 

At this point lunch is done and the bills are paid.  This is an upscale restaurant with upscale prices.  Superb food, excellant service and lovely ambiance.  No complaints and thumbs up!


We were only about two blocks from the malecon and and a bus home so we went south on Ninos Heroes and then west on Constitucion instead of along Mariana Escobedo where the construction is.  A bus arrived in short order and home we went. 

A good day was had by all and it was 4:30 by the time I was home.  Tired, full and happy!  Another good lunch with friends at a restaurant that I have never eaten at before. 

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Joy said...

Wow. That looked like a lovely tranquil place. Was it nice and quiet with birds chirping. When I come there next year to visit you (tee hee) I would like to go here once!