Thursday, April 9, 2015

Yuma, Az and then Laughlin, Nevada

I had noticed from Contessa’s blog that she, Colin and the girls (Caeli and Carmeh) were in the Arizona Sands RV park not too far from us. 

On Tuesday morning I walked over and knocked on the door of her rig to say Hi.  We have never met as I’ve never made the trek to Stone Island where they winter.  Okay, we did meet briefly a few years ago as we were both driving through Hermosillo, Mexico and Contessa said Hi out the window of the motorhome but that doesn’t really count as a visit.  They were leaving that morning so no time for a long chat. 

IMG_3319 They passed by a bit later on their way to the canal for a walk.  I was surprised at how small the Dachies are.  They look so much larger in pictures.  Sweet little things!

Tuesday afternoon Eric and I were on our own.  Dennis and Marilyn had left for Parker, Colin, Contessa and the girls were off to Quartzite and the family we were going to visit ( son in laws Dad, Bill and wife Arlie) had already gone home. What to do.  We picked up fuel, got water, a few groceries and then went to have a look at Jeeps.  We need a second vehicle and think a Jeep may fill the bill.  A good vehicle for Mexico and who knows what will happen in the future.  


Here’s what we had for dinner.  I made ground beef taco’s and they were delicious. 


Wednesday morning we were on the road at about 9:30 am on our way to Laughlin, Nevada.  It’s green in Yuma and the crops are all growing.   IMG_3324

Not a great picture but the ocotillo were in bloom everywhere as we drove north to Quartzite.  We quite often overnight there but….not today. IMG_3325

The desert is green as we drive along.   IMG_3326

We stopped in Parker for fuel.


Over the new bridge to the west side of the river and on to Vidal junction and Laughlin.  #3 is Vidal junction.

> MainmapIMG_3328

The ribbon candy highway heading to Vidal Junction from Parker where we’ll stop for lunch. IMG_3329

Lunch is done and we are following a semi with a double trailer load of hay.  The ribbon candy, roller coaster road continues.  Lots of traffic on the road today. 

We arrived in the Don Laughlin Riverside RV park about 2pm and set up in the gravel parking lot at the bottom of the park.  We prefer it here as we can drop the tailgate and unload the bike.  The sites up top have concrete pads to park on but we don’t mind the cheap seats!

I got a gold star from the gal at the desk when I checked in for being so organized.  Knew what spot I wanted, gave her my driver’s license so she could see we were in the computer, had my washroom cards so she could replace them with new ones, paid and I was all done in a matter of minutes.  No full, no muss , no bother!  

It was cool last night and also this morning with a brisk cool north wind.  By this afternoon it had warmed up and Eric unloaded the motorcycle.    He also washed the cap of the rig as we had been hit by a hatch of bugs. 

Tomorrow we go on a ride somewhere. 

Stay tuned!


Teresa Johannesma Wood said...

Nice ride. Saw that you and Contessa had connected on her blog! Jealous that you get to see the ocotillo in bloom - we always head for home before then.

Contessa said...

I never would have thought to cross the river at Parker. Nice ride and you miss all of Lake Havasu traffic. Hope you find some great rides out there.

Kathy Tycho said...

The Lake Havasu traffic is a real pain in the rump! So many stop lights with little warning. Not like civilized Mexico where you get that flashing green to alert you to an upcoming stop. Ahh...Mexico!

It'sgy said...
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