Friday, April 24, 2015

Three days in Soap Lake

So what’s been going on.  Well Tuesday we did the ride to the Grand Coulee Dam and that was good, Wednesday it got cloudy and cold and today it was much the same.  Rats….we’d hoped to do a few more rides on the bike while we were here but….that’s the weather for you. 

Yesterday we drove into Ephrata which is about six miles away and picked up a few things at the Wal Mart.  When we got back Eric decided to go for a short bike ride and ….I opted out.  I went for a walk instead. 

Today…still cloudy and cold so no ride.  Eric loaded the bike as we are leaving for Kelowna tomorrow, I did the laundry, he road his bicycle and that was that. 

I did have a soak in the hot tub before dinner and it was nice.  I also mentioned that the park has a new owner and there are many improvements and upgrades being made.  I will make no comment about the park while it is being redone as that wouldn’t be a fair evaluation.  We like it here and will stay again in the future. 


That’s us up the road.IMG_3589

The new playground equipment by the lake. 

A pretty spot.

Tomorrow …Kelowna and it looks like we could hit rain.


Teresa Johannesma Wood said...

Nope - not good weather wise right now but supposed to be better Sunday. Fingers crossed. Wishing you a good border crossing and a nice ride up to just across the lake from us!

Contessa said...

Not sure how long you are here, today, Saturday has been frigid. Hope it warms up for all of us.