Thursday, March 12, 2015

Health update and people leaving and a ….nail in the motorcycle tire.

I haven’t said much about anything over the last week. 

As far as Eric’s health goes his sinusitis has calmed down, headache isn’t too bad but the vertigo is still a problem although not as bad as it was.  After the first few days he learned how to deal with it and once the sinus problems slowed down it was a bit easier.  It is a right side vertigo and very likely BPPV

It does not bother him too much when he is vertical but getting up from a right sided lying down position things whirl around.  It may go away on it’s own or….it may not!  He continues with allergy medications, ear drops and nasal sprays.  Beyond that he has returned to all normal activities, lifting weights, riding his bicycle and motorcycle, swimming and walking the beach.  We have both decided that no matter what happens with health you have to maintain as normal a lifestyle as you can.  As we all age life will continue to throw us curves…some small…some huge but we must look forward.  I do admit that is a hard thing to do at times.  

As for me I tried Celebrex but it ramped up my esophogitis so I have gone back to very small amounts of dicoflenac (25mg) every three days and am okay.  Not ideal but I do what I have to do.  

Friends have been leaving over the past week or so but there have been lots of overnighters and one weekers staying in the park.  This is the busiest it has been since we started coming six years ago.  Good for Felipe (owner) but a bit more of a challenge for us.  We are very quiet people. 


Almond chocolate bars for sale. IMG_2732

  This sweet little girl was selling chocolate bars for her school a couple of weeks ago.  Mom and little sister were helping her.  17pesos a bar….I gave her 20 and everyone was happy.  Just like home!


Ramona is relaxing before she and her slaves….Connie and Manny load her into the motor home and head north.  She definitely knows something is up!IMG_2802

Bye Manny!IMG_2804

Eddie and Bosco say Bye to Connie. 


Yesterday Frank and Sandi left with Carol and Richard.  IMG_2844

Everyone gathers to see Frank and Sandi off. Frank and Sandi along with Manny/Connie and Denis/Marilyn are the first people we met on our way south through Mexico six years ago.  We met in a Pemex just south of Los Mochis and all ended up in Las Jaibas in Mazatlan.  All lovely people and they have become very good friends.  Ain’t life funny!  IMG_2845

Here come Carol and Richard to join up with Frank and Sandy.   Safe travels.

Today we were going to take a motorcycle ride to see the Baluarte Suspension Bridge.

“On January 5, President Felipe Calderón received a Guinness record certifying a suspension bridge in western Mexico as the world’s highest. The honor was bestowed on the Baluarte Bicentennial Bridge, which links Durango and the neighboring coastal state of Sinaloa.”

Back in Feb. of 2013 we took a ride and checked out the first part of the toll road and tunnels.  Those pictures are on the following blog.

Today’s ride to the bridge was on our list of things to do and we’d left it late so that it would be warmer as we rode up into the mountains.  But….the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry!

Eric was checking tire pressure on the bike before we hit the road and ……


discovered a nail in the tire. 


He hauled out the motorcycle jack to get the back tire off the ground.  Marked the area with a silver felt pen.  Checked the tire pressure which was good.


And pulled out the nail.  No hissing or bubbles from applied spit.


The part after the bend was imbedded in the tire at an angle.  He let the bike down and still no hissing or loss of pressure.  However, we won’t chance a long ride today.  He took the bike for a short ride and checked the tire pressure which is still okay. 

Tomorrow we’ll try a short ride to El Quelite for lunch and see what happens. 

So the day is ruined……wait a minute….of course it’s not.  It’s sunny and we can go to the beach.  Silly me!


Contessa said...

I had wondered about the Celebrex. Good to hear that you are both resuming your normal activities. Bummer about the nail. When are you planning on heading north?

Kathy Tycho said...

Planning to head north in about two weeks. We want to be out of Mexico just before Semana Santa and avoid crossing the border on Easter week end.

Contessa said...

We are leaving April 1st. Have you heard how bad the road is just north of the Sinaloa/Sonora border? Several RV's from here have had blowouts, etc. Plan to take extra time. Will looking forward to your post/personal email about it and the usual return of stickers,etc.

Kathy Tycho said...
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