Saturday, March 14, 2015

El Quelite for lunch.

Yes, another post about food!  However, this was actually just an excuse for a quick bike ride to check out the tire.  There has been no loss of air so the nail did not go all the way through, which is a good thing.  Eric will pick up a replacement tire when we are in the States. 

We haven’t been to El Quelite this year as Eric had gone there in December and the main road was under construction.  Not suitable for the bike.


Heading up the free road to El Quelite.  Looks a bit stormy….so we brought our rain coats.IMG_2873

Turn right for El Quelite. IMG_2874

They have made a huge effort to beautify the road into El Quelite with bougainvillea.  It is a very tough plant.  IMG_2875

They are cutting hay and Eric said it looks like vetch or pea vine.  The soil is very good here, probably old river bottom so the crops grow really well.  I’d be a bit concerned about the clouds overhead….at home when we cut hay that would have been a warning sign.     IMG_2876

The arch into El Quelite. IMG_2877

It is a very pretty little town and they take great pride in their yards and houses.  Everything is painted and bright. IMG_2878

This is the El Quelite branch of the Designers Bazaar which is also in the Golden Zone.  Eric and the owner/manager Jason had a big chat about motorcycles last year.  IMG_2879

We go to the end of town and turn right over the bridge to Los Arrieros which is probably our all time favorite restaurant.  IMG_2880

Many, many, many roosters in El Quelite and this one is eyeing up the bike. IMG_2881

These two young “snoggers” were my lunch time entertainment!  I was facing their way and they were hard at it all the time we were having lunch except for a short break to check their cell phone!  I wonder if her Momma knows where she is?  Yes I do remember being young but here in Mexico young, old and in between love is always on display.  IMG_2882

We like to sit outside and have lunch but the interior courtyard is lovely as well. IMG_2883

They are very generous with their appetizers here.  Tortilla chips with fresh cheeses, two salsas and a gordita as well.  You have to be careful what you order for lunch after this.  IMG_2884

While we had lunch this caballero went by on his beautiful horse.  There were also many, many huge stock trailers, some pulled by semi-trucks heading down the road.  Some with cattle and some with horses….what’s going on?  IMG_2885

My lunch a breakfasty kind of dish with an omelet, chilquiles, beans, fresh cheese and shrimp.  Delicious. IMG_2886

Eric had the fish fillet with a shrimp cream sauce.  Guess it’ll be soup or salad for supper tonight!IMG_2887

Snogging done, time to hit the road.IMG_2888

Did I mention there were a lot of roosters?  This guy was vigorously crowing and then went inside for a look see. IMG_2889

Pina custard….complementary for dessert.  IMG_2890

Lunch is done and the stock trailers are still rolling by.  What is going on?IMG_2891

We asked the owner/manager and he made a motion like twirling a lariat.  A huge three day rodeo with contestants from Los Mochis, Culiacan and other areas.  A big event.  Added to that is a two day band event and you have a five day Benito Juarez birthday holiday bash.  Ah……I don’t think we’ll attend.  For starters there is no where to park.  IMG_2892

Relaxing before the hard work begins.  I’m sure you would see some very beautiful horses during the rodeo.  Mexicans love their horses and take great pride in them. IMG_2893


Walking back up the nicest street in town to the restaurant and the bike. IMG_2895

The gerente (manager) gave us his card.  IMG_2896

It is evening and the sunset is beautiful but it still looks stormy. IMG_2897

A lovely day.

I did check the internet to see what I could find out about the rodeo in El Quelite but it seems to be a big secret as I couldn’t find a word about it anywhere.


Contessa said...

That shrimp cream sauce lots like it is worth the trip for that alone.

Croft Randle said...

Like Contessa said!