Sunday, February 8, 2015

Boy are we glad we’re in Mexico and not at home!


The small B.C. towns of Kitimat and Terrace are burrowing out from a record snowfall after receiving nearly two meters of snow from a Pineapple Express weather system that continues to bring heavy moisture to the B.C. coast.

I called home to our daughter on Friday morning and she was taking a break from blowing snow on her tractor.  Husband Wade who runs a power line company was in bed after being up all night working on power outages.

Hope our old shake roofed barns are still standing!

The newer barns and the house have metal roofs and the snow will slide. 

We’d had an email from our friend Rusty who’d checked the road into our property about a week ago and there was hardly any snow…..not now!

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