Monday, February 2, 2015

A Road trip to Concordia, Copala and Mesillas with Jim and Theresa

The weather has been stormy and rainy over the past few days.  Today it is cloudy and will likely rain later today.  No problem, we will be in the truck and not on the moto on today’s road trip.


Jim and Theresa were waiting for us in front of the Riu.

Theresa and I are in the back seat and the guys are up front.  I won’t be taking any pictures unless we are out of the truck.   We will head out of Mazatlan on the bypass, east on the free road to Concordia, up to Copala and back to Mesillas before we head home. 


First stop the furniture stores along the edge of the road before Concordia.  We wandered through looking at the different chairs. IMG_2377

Some of it is pretty nice.  Not all of the chairs have the very straight uncomfortable backs that we all hate. IMG_2378

Eric and Jim have a look too.  IMG_2379


Jim liked the big chair.  Not as big as the one in the square in Concordia. IMG_2381

Don’t think we’ll buy anything!IMG_2382

We stopped in the square in Concordia and had a walk around town.  The restaurant we like to eat in is closed on Mondays.  It is a national holiday ….Constitution Day but it was very quiet.  IMG_2383

We looked in the side door of the very large old church.  As we passed around the front there was a funeral procession arriving so we moved away. IMG_2384

Lots of vegetation in the square.  IMG_2385

Jim and Theresa climbed up so I could take their picture. IMG_2386

Smile Theresa!IMG_2387

We did walk through the Municipal buildings for a look around town.  This is a petroglyph on display. IMG_2388

Up and down the very neat and tidy streets.  The buildings are very pretty with their gay colors.

We then headed back to the truck and onward to Copala where we hoped to get lunch. 


As we headed out there was a truck full of the very “horrible” Mexican corn in front of us.  Jim said he has tried the corn on the cob twice at the Riu and it is inedible! IMG_2391

We pulled into Copala and passed by Daniel’s restaurant which was once again closed so…. onward to the town square and the very old church.

Very damp in Copala with lots of mud after the rain.  When you get out of the vehicle at the square you are mobbed by the children selling small wooden replicas of the church.  No gracias!  


We climbed up and wandered the perimeter of the church.  The church was built in 1748.IMG_2393



Copala’s church and square are all in decline.  Over the six years that we have visited here the restaurants (Chalva’s and now Daniels have closed.)  We were told that we could eat below the square at Alejandro’s  and that is where we went.  The fact that the toll road is now open and most of the traffic will bypass Copala is not helping their tourism. 


We wandered in and were soon seated.  IMG_2397

Theresa and Jim. IMG_2398

We all ordered chicken fajitas off the very nice menu (in Spanish and English.)  90 pesos for the plate and it was very good.

Alejandro our waiter and the owner was dressed in a spiffy white apron and there were two women in the kitchen cooking.  There were three gringo women sitting next to us having coffee and Banana cream pie.  I did order one slice of pie after lunch and we all shared.  It was delicious.


I set the camera on the ledge so I could take a timed photo and just about got a picture of Alejandro’s  bum as he didn’t see the camera!  That’s why we were all laughing.IMG_2402

Lunch is done and we are heading out the gate.  I recognized Alejandro and he said yes he had worked at Daniel’s restaurant for 15 years and that it is now closed.  A shame.  I wonder if they open up for tour buses.  Not clear.IMG_2403


Copala 1565 to 2004.IMG_2405

As we left town the pigs were busy rooting away.

Back on the free road towards Concordia and then a left turn to Mesillas (literally the town of tables) to see their furniture stores.   


It was getting late in the day and we drove into town and then back out before stopping at this store at the entrance to the town.  Amazing amount of high end furniture shops.  IMG_2407

I quite liked this chair.   IMG_2409

We had taken a few pictures before we noticed the sign that said “no fotos.”  Also no food or drink.  Oops!

Seems silly because if you were thinking of buying you may want to look at what they have in a picture when you get home. 



Muebleria or furniture store.  Lovely furniture.  Leather couches, bedroom sets, art work etc. etc.  IMG_2411

We will return at another time and park and then walk the town for a better look. 

We were now on our way home.  Back on the free road to Villa Union, onto the bypass and home. 

We dropped Jim and Theresa off at the Riu and it was now raining.  It rained hard at times and continued for about four hours.  Luckily we made it home before it really started. 

A good day. 

Oh by the way the caravan that was in our park and and were leaving for Durango this morning left and then came back.  Heavy rain had created a mud and rock slide closing the highway.  Maybe tomorrow!


Croft Randle said...

I wonder if the new restaurant got Daniel's pie recipe from him? It is too bad to see it is closed.

Joy said...

I don't really see Wade in his sisters face. Does she look more like Wade in person

Sandy Matts said...

We were in Concordia on Monday also - did not go as far as Copala but really enjoyed the drive through Mesillas - it was our first time there and what a surprise all the what seem like high end stores were. that seems to be the place to go for furniture