Thursday, May 1, 2014

The last couple of days in Kelowna.

It has been a lovely week weather wise here in Kelowna.  Sunny every day and I have been able to walk for an hour every morning.  The trail along Mission Creek is close by and a pretty place for a morning walk.  I have managed to get a bit of computer work completed (filing claims etc.) the washing is done and groceries bought so tomorrow we hit the road for home.  We will stay over night in Cache Creek and then on to Prince George on Saturday.  Sunday we will make the final part of the journey home to Terrace.  We usually drive from Kelowna to Prince George in one day but it is over 400 miles and it is exhausting.  We stopped in Cache Creek when we came south last fall and it was much less tiring.

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The weather is supposed to be sunny when we get home and hopefully the weather forecast is right. 

Tonight we took Linda and Ian out for dinner.  They are always gracious about having us plug up their driveway with our 5th wheel twice a year and Linda always feeds us dinner while we are here. 

Ian chose Hector’s Casa a Mexican restaurant on Lakeshore Drive.  I should have brought my camera…but I didn’t.  Linda made a reservation for 6:30 pm even though we thought it wouldn’t be very busy.  Wrong…the place was hopping.  Hector was greeting people, cleaning tables and very much involved.  A family run restaurant.  He had a little book on the table telling where he was from and how the restaurant started and wouldn’t you know it…he was born just outside Mazatlan close to El Recodo.  We told him we spend every winter in Mazatlan and when he had time he came back to chat.  He visits family every winter and was in Mazatlan in January. 

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We talked about the Mazatlan area, the good weather there this winter and he seemed to be happy to talk to people who enjoy his city.  A very nice man and the food was very good too.  Not cheap like Mexico but ….this isn’t Mexico.

A nice evening in Kelowna. 

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