Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Playa de Cortez to Santa Ana

Wed March 27, 2013

We spent four nights and three days at the Playa de Cortez and for the most part it was okay.  Saturday night was loud because of a Mexican wedding….no problemo…wax earplugs took care of that.

We usually don’t see many RV’s here at this time of year but with Semana Santa coming people were heading north in a hurry.  We had a couple of groups of rigs stop and only one batch was a problem.  Now before you say we are just being fussy about noise, let me assure you that we are not!  When the people next to you….and by the way there was lots of room and they didn’t have to park next to us…make so much noise at happy hour that you have to go sit in front of the hotel so you can have a conversation…that is too much noise.  Okay….and then when you have your headphones on and you are watching TV with the windows closed….and the volume higher than you would like and….you can still hear them….that is too much noise!!!!!    Rude and ignorant and….they were Canadian….and from B.C. ….what the heck is going on!  Everyone else who stopped was normal and made an average amount of noise. 

While we were stopped we went into San Carlos one day to get a few more peso’s, walk around the marina, stop at Saggitaria for a little shopping and then have lunch.  We met a nice guy on the dock who invited us to come and have a look at his sailboat which was quite interesting.  Eric still hopes to buy a sail boat some day.  Since this guy only started sailing when he was 65 (7 years ago) anything is possible.  He said he didn’t know anything about sailing when he bought the boat and has singlehanded all through the Caribbean, the Panama Canal and up the Pacific side to San Carlos.  During this trip he developed chest pains and went back to the States for quadruple bypass surgery.  As soon as he returned to the boat he had emergency appendix surgery in San Salvador and….he’s still alive.  What a way to start.

We had lunch at Charlie’s Rock and it was quite terrible!  We aren’t fussy about food but the fish taco’s were awful.  I think maybe they fry all their seafood in the same oil so it tasted gamey to me.  An odd taste and I really should have sent them back.  Oh well, they are off our list! 


View from Charlie’s Rock.

We picked up a few groceries and some beer at Wal-Mart and we were ready to hit the road on Wednesday. 

We left the Playa de Cortez around 9:30 am as we didn’t have too far to go to get to Edgar and Anna’s Punta Vista RV park in Santa Ana.  We stay there coming into and leaving Mexico. 


The Palo Verde is in bloom!


Huge Vineyards.


Long line of trucks coming up to the Military Check point. 

The army didn’t come into our vehicle but were very concerned that we left the check point without hitting the top of our rig on a low hanging light. 

No issues from Guaymas to Santa Ana and we pulled in around 2pm.  One other small motor home pulled in as well and that was it for the night.  Edgar and Anna had  a bunch of rigs the night before and a little party as well.  A couple of the people in the band who played for our Chili Cook Off in Las Jaibas were there as well as Sam/Rita and Gary/Darlene (from Las Jaibas) and a few more people.  They had a little music party on Edgar and Anna’s patio and Edgar said they even made him get up and sing.  Wish we’d been there!  

We had a nice chat with Anna ( she can talk the hind legs off a dog!!) and the couple from the small Class C but Edgar was sitting up by the road waiting for RV’s to show up.  I took him a cold Pacifico so that cheered him up.  We had a quiet night and were in bed early and again earplugs are in order here as the trucks make a lot of noise on the hill.  No problemo. 

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