Thursday, December 1, 2011

It is warm and sunny in Mazatlan.

!Thursday Dec. 1, 2011

Yesterday was a day to unload the motorcycle and get some slight order in the rig.  It will take a few days to completely set up but….what else do we have to do!

Eric took a little ride on Big Red just before lunch yesterday and came back a little shaken. He road out the north end by Cerritos and then up to the free road and south to Mazatlan        and there was an army check point there.  They were all hunkered down as that is close to El Habol  (on the the way to La Noria) where there have been multiple murders lately.  They wanted his paperwork and luckily they didn’t know what they should look for because he hadn’t put the hologram (import sticker) in his bag yet.  We usually copy our tourist visa (he didn’t have that either) and the hologram and leave the originals in the rig.  He did have his Mexican insurance and registration as well as his driver’s license and in the end that was enough.  Eric thinks they were there because of the huge amount of stolen vehicles so they wanted to make sure that Big Red really belonged to him.  When he got back I got out the printer and we rectified the situation!!

Lots of people stopped by to look at Big Red and it got the seal of approval as a pretty bike.  Carol from Vancouver dubbed it a “Geezer Ride” and Eric says she is right.  Who cares…it’s a Cadillac and I love it. 

Fred and Marion from Saskatchewan showed up yesterday and it’s good to see them back.  They stayed at the Pemex south of town in Los Mochis and said it was good.  Not many trucks and a safe spot. 

Dick has a new ride that I think I will call the “Green Hornet.”  It is a bicycle with a 50cc two stroke engine with magneto ignition and a single speed.  When he went by he sounded like a big angry hornet.  Go, Dick, Go!!  The next time he buzzes by I’ll snap a picture.

Sam & Rita’s little dog Chico has really grown up since last spring when we left.  He has filled out a little and he is no longer the angry teenager that he was when we last saw him.  In his defense he was a rescued dog that hadn’t had a very good start and they had just had him neutered after they got here last fall so I guess I’d be cranky too!  He is soon to be 2 and is much more relaxed and even likes Eric now so that is an improvement. 

Eric spent the afternoon updating maps on our new Tom Tom “Marjorie” and since it took a long while I had to abandon him and go to the beach.  It is good to be back.  The sun, the sea and the air are good for the soul. 

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