Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Friends arrive in the park and friends leave.

Wednesday December 7, 2011

Yesterday morning it was time to get a little clean up done.  Everything in the rig was covered in travel dust so a thorough vacuuming  was in order.  It is really nice to have the vacuum  built in but it would have been better if they had put an outlet in the garage as well. 

Just as I’d finished lunch I noticed some rigs pulling into the park.  It was  Frank/Sandi – Manny/Connie & Ramona and Dennis/Marilyn. We have spent the last two winters here in the park with Frank & Sandi and Manny & Connie.   There were lots of happy hugs and hellos and it’s nice to have them all back.  Dennis and Marilyn weren’t here last winter and they have parked over where Betty & Boomer’s were and it is good to have them back.  I understand that Betty & Boomer will be staying home in Ontario this winter due to family obligations.  Boy will we miss Auntie Betty’s baking and cooking and as well their great company. 

While everyone was setting up their rigs  I joined Val and Mary to play Mexican train.  This is a form of dominos and I had never played.  I caught on fairly quickly and it was fun.  Takes a long time to play and it was almost 5 o’clock by the time we were done and it was getting chilly.  Mary whupped Val and I good.   Mary is a good one to learn from because she knows her rules and corrects you without being bossy.  Fun!

Eric had gone up to Soriano's to get a bag of bolillos (Mexican buns) for lunch and had also found some 36mm. sockets (wrenches) that he was looking for at AutoZone by Wal-Mart.  They were 119 pesos each and then 50% off so ended up costing about 5 bucks each.  A bargain.  He needed them to tighten the main drive belt on Big Red.  He got that done while I played cards. 

Today it was time to say good bye to Croft and Norma.  We have enjoyed the last few days catching up and chatting with them before they continue their journey onward in Mexico.  Their next stop is Villa Corona and the hot springs which is just outside Guadalajara.  They packed up but didn’t leave too early as they were only going to Tepic today.


Norma, Eric & Croft….they are ready to roll.


A group photo. 

We said good-bye and wished them happy travels. 

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