Saturday, December 7, 2019

Ladies Lunch at Puravida (Wed. Dec. 4th)

Wednesday we were off to Puravida at the south end of the Golden Zone.  This restaurant is noted for it’s healthy food and drinks.

Linda is trying to find something on her phone I think!

Off we go out of the park.  Large group today.

When we arrived Connie was already there and ready to eat her lunch.  She wanted to go to Friends to play cards at 1pm so she wanted an early start.  This is a teriaki chicken wrap and it looks good.

That’s Pam explaining something to Helene.  Maybe belly dancing as she’s an expert at that.

Everyone is perusing the menu and on the rear right you can see Connie enjoying her lunch. 

While we waited Ruth had Linda order for next week.  First draw was a bust as the restaurant didn’t open till 6pm.

Second time around and it’s Mimin’s which everyone was happy with.

First order of business was to order drinks but guess what…no alcohol!  There was a fair bit of whining from all of us and we wondered who picked this restaurant.  Helene fessed up that it was her choice but said “ I didn’t know they didn’t have alcohol!”  Certainly not going to kill us for one week and the choices for drinks were very good.  Here you can see a raspberry lemonade which I tasted and it was very delicious.  All quite funny!

This is my drink called a barata and I think it had mango, pineapple and raspberry in it…but…don’t quote me!  Delicious too.

So lunch starts to arrive with a shrimp caesar.

Now for Bonnie’s Greek salad and it doesn’t look like any Greek salad she or I had ever seen.  She didn’t say much while she ate but in the end she said it was swimming in dressing and was like a soup.  Strange and she really should have complained.

Pam has a hamburger on Helen’s recommendation.

Looks great and look at all those seeds on the bun.

I asked Helene what kind of burger she was having and she said “ beef!”  She does eat vegetarian a lot but she says this is the best burger in Mazatlan and it has to be beef.  Pretty large and she and Pam could have shared. 

My lunch this week was good.  Three skewers…one with shrimp, one with chicken and one with portebello mushroom.  I liked the mushroom one the best.  I couldn’t even eat half of the peppers so the other ladies helped me out.  Thanks!

One of today's pizza’s.  Looks yummy.

I see a lot of mushrooms in this one.  The meals were very generous in size and really reasonable with most things around 100 pesos.  Mine was the most expensive at 119 pesos so it was a very economical lunch…even with the drinks.

Ruth’s enchilada’s in poblano cream sauce.  She insisted that I try the sauce as she said it’s the best poblano cream sauce she’s ever tasted.  I would agree. 

Anita had shrimp tacos. 

So here we are all chowing down and enjoying ourselves. 

One more pizza is delivered and new cutlery is needed here.

Sandi and Marilyn are sharing a wrap which was a good idea.
So…a good time was had by all and the restaurant gets a thumbs up except for Bonnie’s strange Greek salad.  Helene wanted to take half her burger home and other people had meals to take as well.  She was disappointed that they are still using styrofoam containers here as they are a healthy restaurant.  In the end she got wax paper and had a reusable bag in her purse.  Mazatlan and perhaps other parts of Mexico have started to make you pay for plastic grocery bags which can actually be reused.  It would make more sense to focus on fast food containers such as plastic straws and styrofoam.  I pack my reusable grocery bags with me to Mexico and have two nylon purse size bags with me for shopping. 

Next week Mimin’s ….stay tuned. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Happy Hour with Ian and Linda

Ian and Linda arrived in Mazatlan on Sunday and Eric picked them up at the airport.  They were supposed to meet the owner of the house that they are renting the upper floor in but, he was a no show.  After talking to the guard at the gate he was finally tracked down.  A half hour wait and the maid and her husband showed up with the "one" set of keys.  The locks on the door are like Fort Knox so if they misplace the keys they are in big trouble.  There should be two sets of keys for sure.  When they finally got settled Eric brought them back to our house for a spagetti dinner.  Monday morning we were off to Sam's Club and Walmart so they could stock up.  Linda did leave some stuff in our house over the summer but they needed all the basics. 

Monday night we went up to their place for happy hour.  
                                                 The happy campers. 
Up on the roof deck and you can even see the ocean.  When they were here last year they stayed on the bottom floor and the previous owner didn't allow them on the top deck. 
She even left her hot tub here for when she comes to stay in February.  Can't use that either! 
Right next to the Riu and a really nice view of the ocean.
A lovely evening and we stayed till about 5:30 when the bugs came out and we all started getting bitten.  I would guess there has been a hatch since the huge rainfall last Thursday.  Ian and Linda will be here till the end of January and it's really nice to have them here. 

Tropical Rainstorm Nov. 28, 2019 195mm. in 24 hours or 7.7 inches!

This was the highest amount of precipitation in 30 years in Mazatlan.

So I'm up to last Thursday now and maybe I'll catch up soon.  We knew better than to go anywhere that day and in the end it turned out that no one could go much of anywhere.  Schools were closed.   By 2:30 in the morning it was raining pretty hard and at home this would have all been pretty much a non issue but...this is Mazatlan and when it rains hard there is no where easy for the water to drain away.
Looks pretty tame out there but there was a fair bit of water on the street.  Our house is at the back of the complex and it all slopes out to the front street.
This is the construction are just to the north of us.  On the other side of it is the Las Jaibas trailer park where we were parked the last ten years.  The people in the back of the park were up over the hubcaps on their rigs and had to unplug their electrical.  Knee deep. 
Bit of a river out front and the tracks in our patio doors were overflowing into the house.  Turns out the middle track could use a hole to let the water out! 
Pretty rainy but it is warm!
This is the Golden Zone and the terra cotta coloured building houses Gaby's beauty shop where I get my hair and feet done.  Lots of steps from the street up to the shop so hopefully they weren't flooded. 
This is in downtown Mazatlan. 
People had to be rescued from buildings that were flooded.
I'll bet these cars were a write off.   There were many, many pictures of the flooding and these were just a few.  By Friday morning it was bright and sunny and when I went downtown to get bread on Saturday morning it looked like nothing ever happened.  Just crazy! 

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Ladies Lunch at La Costa Marinera (Nov. 27th)

As usual I am a week late on my post but it seems like time is just whipping by.  This is last Wednesday the day before the big 24 hour rainstorm that flooded the whole city.  More on that later.  We were a small group this day but that’s okay too.

Off to the Golden Zone again and this time to….

….La Costa Marinera.

This is one of those very large restaurants that can feed an enormous amount of people at one time.  Lots of attentive staff and very friendly efficient service.

The waiter kindly offered to take a picture of all of us.  From the left Cathy, Sandi, Marilyn, Anita, Bonnie, Pat and me.

Lots of choices on this menu.
Took some of us a while to figure out what we wanted.

The drinks were pretty tame today except for Bonnie’s mango margarita.  Isn’t it pretty and…tasty too.

The restaurant was by no means empty and many large groups came in.  Some inside, some outside like us and…some right on the beach.

Lots of room here.

So now for the food.  Sandi had a crab salad that she said was a bit too limey.

Cathy had shrimp tacos that were fine.

I had oysters 2plus, 2plus, plus2 and they were not good at all.  I’ve have oysters here in Mazatlan before at Mimin’s and they were large and delicious.  These were the local tiny ones that I could hardly find in all the goopy sauce.  I picked through it and ate the oysters I could find, ignored the sauce and ate the vegetables.  A disappointment. 

Pat and Bonnie had coconut shrimp and I would call that a little bit burned.  I did notice that neither of them finished their plate or took any food home.

All looks good but it was all mediocre.

Anita had a winner.  Tortilla chicken salad that was very good.

Marilyn’s pasta looks bland but she said it was good.

So where are we going next week.  Pura Vida in the south end of the Golden Zone.

Lunch is over and everyone has a chat. 

Time to head out.  Marilyn, Cathy, Pat and I went off to have a look in the Michael’s store before heading down to Henderson’s for meat.  This Michael’s store is quite good and has an enormous amount of stock.  So much that you can’t really get a grip on what is for sale.  I should have taken more pictures there.  There was a really neat little metal Christmas tree that I might consider if I can think of a place to put it.  Luckily the house has been completely decorated and we like it so there isn’t much to add.  I will buy a long bureau dresser for the master bedroom to hold a new TV.  The main TV is an old LCD but it’s just fine for now.
I picked up some frozen beef tenderloin for 130 pesos (under $10 Canadian which is dirt cheap) and Pat and Cathy bought this and that there as well.  Always good quality reasonably priced meat at Henderson’s.

So a nice afternoon with friends but not a restaurant we’d return to.