Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Angelina’s Kitchen for Ladies Lunch

Today we were thirteen for lunch so Jeannette ordered a couple of aurigas to take us downtown.   The buses don’t get close to the restaurant and we could have walked from the market but….we didn’t.  On that note apparently the buses are once again picking up behind the market so you can catch a bus home.  The street behind the market was being redone and is now finished.  Many, many streets downtown have been torn up and redone over the last year. 


25 pesos each for a ride to the restaurant….peso up everyone!


It’s 11:30 and the trucks are ready to go.


Everyone pays and ….


we’re off.  The truck behind us doesn’t know where we are going so he stays tight behind us.


Look…they’ve finished a bit of the new malecon construction just south of Valentino’s.  As you can see there is a sidewalk, two lane bicycle path, a curb and two lanes of traffic.   No parking in the middle anymore.  Unless you can park on a side street and cross over four lanes of traffic to get to the sidewalk you will be taking the bus!  I’m guessing the restaurants on the beach aren’t going to be too happy.  In the past you would see carloads of Mexican families parking in the middle and walking down to the beach to eat….what now?


We are at the very south end of the malecon where we will turn left (east) and go up the street to Angelina’s Kitchen.  They have redone the sidewalk area up this way but I wonder if they plan to tear up this end too.


Heading up the street and the truck with the other half of our party is right behind us.


Made it!


We are seated at one table of six and one table of seven.  The light isn’t good but you get the idea.  Jeannette and Sandi are looking at the specials board.


Perusing the menu.


They have a very extensive bar in this restaurant.  It is also very colorful and and has lots of artwork on the walls.


Wow….look at Marilyn’s drink.  Doesn’t that look special.


Bonnie just got her mango margarita and she seems to be looking at it suspiciously!


That looks very tasty….and it was.


Many different things were ordered…this is a Greek salad along with another mango margarita.


Sandi ordered clam chowder and it arrived in bread bowl.  A meal in it’s self.


I took a quick look in the kitchen where Angelina’s chef was busy preparing all 13 meals.  Luckily we were the only people in the restaurant so he could concentrate only on us!  When I went to Angelina’s cooking course last winter Carlos did the cooking.  See Feb. 8, 2017 post for a look. 


That is Angelina’s daughter and the chef’s helper.


Everyone has a drink and Sandi and Cathy are eating clam chowder.


Fish and chips….and not just any old ones.  Home cut fries and dorado for the fish.  It was apparently yummy.


Anita had a shrimp pasta and she was hungry.  By the time I got a picture half of it was already gone.  It must have hit the spot.


Connie looks sad….where is her food?


Sue and Robyn both have fish and chips and Pat and I are still waiting. 


My lunch.  Tuna carnitas on a guacamole covered tosdada.  I thought I couldn’t eat it all but I did!  I am a sucker for tuna and will always order it if I can.  Delicious but a bit salty. 


Happy Connie!   She has her tacos.


Looks delicious.


Pat was the last to eat and she had a stuffed poblano.  (I almost ordered that.)  It was stuffed with vegetables and cheese with a red pepper sauce over it.  Pat said it was very good.


While we finished eating the flower vendor tried to sell calla lilies.  Very beautiful and a couple of bunches did go home with a couple of the ladies. 


I think I’ve taken pictures of this beautiful old building across from the restaurant before.  Imagine it in it’s glory days!


Some of the ladies drifted off after lunch to do this and that and the rest of us went home in one truck. 


Back down towards the malecon….anyone need a tattoo!


A lovely ride home and once again you can see part of the newly renovated malecon. 

So…a good time was had by all.  Food got a thumbs up and everyone was happy. 

Next week…..?   Stay tuned as the cruise director a.k.a. Ruth will be in town tomorrow and we will pass the reins to her. We thought she should get to choose where we go next week. 

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

There has been a cold going around and now I’ve got it!

The last cold I had I caught from a girl sitting next to me on a plane going to Pittsburgh in 2015. She coughed the whole way!  There have been a  few colds in the park and now I guess it’s my turn.  Yuck.  Really haven’t been feeling well since Saturday and I’ve got a scratchy throat, irritating cough, headache and plugged sinuses along with no energy at all.  I haven’t walked since Friday because I’m just too tired. Hope it doesn’t last much longer and I sure hope Eric doesn’t get the “dreaded man cold!”

Here are some pictures of this and that from around the park over the past few days. 


Frank sent me this picture of a good sized, colorful iguana over by his site.  It lives in the bushes in what used to be the old Escondido RV park next Frank and Sandi.    


Eric finally let Big Red out of his cage the other day and took him for a run!


As soon as the weather cools down a bit and I’m not sick we’ll go for a ride.


We had a light out on the post that you can see on the left and as soon as Eric mentioned it to Raphael he came back and changed it.   While he was here with the ladder he picked a couple of the mamey sapote fruits from the tree.


Raphael gave me two but I told him he should keep one.  It is hard as a rock and will take some time to ripen.  I don’t mind one or two but they have an odd taste kind of like a brown sugar cantelope so they aren’t something I would eat every day. 


Eric had taken our little smart phone over to the Kiosko to have the phone plan renewed but he didn’t have the right phone number written down.  Raphael pointed out that Eric’s note was missing some numbers.  Eric corrected the note and now we have our phone activated for another 33 days.  200 pesos $14 Canadian and we have unlimited texting and phone calls anywhere in North America and 1G of data.  Beats Canada all to hell! 


The gentle black giant the carpenter bee (Abeja carpintero) is busy on the vine covering the fence behind us. 


This is a regular, but still large sized bee.


This monster covers the whole flower!  They just bumble along sipping nectar.

Yesterday afternoon when we were heading over to the beach we met Gunther and Regina.  They are two of our “German friends”  who used to stay in the park.   They live in Kelowna and are on their way south by car to stay in a condo in Rincon de Guayabitos.  Regina says she misses her 5th wheel but not pulling it!   They are such pleasant people and they always stop to stay hi to old friends in the park. 


Gunter, Regina and their good friends Max and Ursula from Germany. 


The last trip home for Gunter and Regina’s truck and RV. 

All very pleasant people!


Nice evening sky last night.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Lunch at La Corriente and lots of construction on the Malecon

Today we are off to La Corriente on the beach for lunch.


Everyone heads out for the bus.


Jeannette, Pam and Sandi decide to sit up back where they’ll get a really bumpy ride. 


Robyn decided I needed to be in a picture so ….here I am. 


The window of the bus is filthy but I decided to take a few pictures anyway.  Looking north.


More new  construction.


Over the bridge and looking north to the marina.


Cathy and Robyn have a chat.


Through the Golden Zone and onto the malecon at Valentino’s where the construction starts.  This is the first time I’ve been down this way since we arrived.  The ocean side of the malecon is all dug up and we are two lanes on the northbound side.


They appear to be repairing and or replacing a lot of the sea wall as well as all of the pavement and sidewalks.  I did read they are adding a bike lane and doing away with parking….who knows I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.  There is also a huge amount of contruction downtown.


Lots of concrete going in.


They are even managing to work around the many statues on the beach such as the California sea lions. 


There is no road access to the seaside restaurants that are trapped in the construction zone.  You could walk up the beach to get to them but I’ll bet they are really hurting.


We got off the bus just north of La Corriente which is across from the old Hotel Decima.  The construcion zone has just ended.


Up the street to the restaurant which is down below to the right.


Looking north and many people are already in the water.


Our destination.


We are ten today so ….two tables of five.  Nancy took this picture on her cell phone and it’s a really nice one.


Today I decided to have a pina colada and it was really good.  Not too much alcohol which is good in the middle of the day.  Marion and I used to have a pina colada together but she’s not here this winter and I miss her.  Actually there are many people that I miss (Betsy, Geri, Diane and Val….sigh!)


Pat, Pam, Cathy, Janice and Anita sit together.


Nancy, Jeannette, Robyn, Sandi and I are at the other table.  No point in jamming everyone together because you can’t talk to everyone anyway.


And….the food arrives.  This is fish and chips with rice and it’s a huge portion. 


Shrimp,rice,vegetables and french fries….wow that’s a lot of food.


This is Pam’s extravaganza.  That is grilled tuna stuck in a huge amount of guacamole with chips.  She said it was good.


Cathy had two different types of tacos.


Let’s eat!


Sandi had a shrimp cocktail which she shared with Robyn and then they shared Robyn’s lunch.  Good idea.


Robyn and I both ordered red snapper which came guacamole and refried beans.  Again a huge portion.  I think I ordered this the last time I was here and it was good but I’d forgotten how salty the red snapper coating was.  Something I should have mentioned to them.  Still good.


Jeannette had the shrimp plate.


Ah….the mariachi band. 


No gracias!   Way too loud while you are trying to eat lunch. 


Everyone wanted to have a group picture taken and the waiter obliged. 


Not to be left out this young man insisted on a picture with Sandi and she obliged. 

Another gringo guy came over to have his picture taken with Sandi and told her he was the mayor of Mazatlan.  She said right….“ I’m thinking the mayor of Mazatlan would be Mexican!”  I didn’t take a picture!


We were waiting for the bus but ended up taking an auriga or red truck home.  The price was similar and it’s nice to ride out in the open.  Once again lots of construction on the way back. 


Looking north.   The traffic was really busy on the way back and everyone was honking their horns….like that helps!  Sandi just kept giving them the Queen’s wave and smiling. 

It was a nice outing and La Corriente is always a good choice for food and atmosphere.