Friday, December 14, 2018

Salvation Army Children’s Home Comes to Dance at Las Jaibas

It’s been a number of years since I blogged the Salvation Army Kids dancing in the park.  Last year I didn’t know they were coming and although I managed to donate I didn’t attend the performance.  This year I knew and as well John and Sheri who organized the event sent out a notice the day before to remind us.  A very good idea!


The performance was to start at 4:30 but they were a little late as one of the girls was injured at the previous performance and went for a check-up at Sharp Hospital.  Not serious…just precautionary.   These kids dance their hearts out all through the Christmas season to raise most of the money for their part of the yearly budjet.  The home is not supported by any government agency but is assisted in various ways with charities from Mexico, the USA and Canada.  They have 31 children in the home and since we first saw them some 8 or 9 years ago the same people have been running the home with the assistance of other Mexican workers. 


          The dances start…and we had a very good turnout. 


There were five dances with each one from a different state in Mexico. 


                                     Lovely young lady!


They do enjoy themselves and have a smile on their faces but…it is hard work!


How lucky they are in many respects to be part of such a kind and caring organization.  One of the young men who just graduated has a sponsor who is paying for his University education.  Two other young ladies who are twins now have braces on their teeth.  Some of the children have individual sponsors to help them move forward in life.  Education is definitely the answer. 


The older girls were quite proficient.


This dance required balancing a cup on the head. 


To start with I though velcro might be involved until a cup from the dancer in blue fell to the ground!


You can see the couple on the right who look after the children.  It was explained that a few children had been returned to their families this summer and although they were sad to see them go they were also very happy for them.  Sometimes they are removed because of abuse, sometimes drugs and sometimes the family just can’t feed them.  If they are lucky they end up in this home.


Here the children are introducing themselves ….in English and also telling us how old they are.  This little fellow is five and is the youngest child of the Mexican family that lives and works at the home.   Yes….he did steal everyone’s heart!


Some didn’t stumble at all and it was interesting to hear their ages.


A real showman.


The fellow in the middle is only 14 but very tall.


Aren’t they lovely.


Now for the girls.


They all tried very hard.


Just adorable.


And now for “ Feliz Navidad.”   This is a favorite for the children and they sing with great gusto!


They are waving their arms from left to right and I thought they were all looking at something behind me….


Well….they were.  The little boy’s father was moving his arms to keep them in time.  Funny!


These two did a break dance at one point but I missed it.


All the Grammas just wanted to snuggle him.

At one point in the performance many of us were coaxed onto the floor for an impromptu dance….even me!  


Sheri has her table all set up with hot dogs, juice, apples and a treat for each child.  She and John organize the event and donate the food with a little help from their friends.   Nice job!


Ruth brought her little Mexican rescue dog “ Bella “ and the kids were just thrilled with her.   They are ever so gentle petting her.


Bella hasn’t had much contact with kids and she is quite young but she was very patient.


While the girls waited to be fed they took the time to practise for their next performance which is likely after they leave here.   No crabby faces, no fighting just smiles and happiness.  How refreshing!


She’s petting Bella….isn’t she sweet.


I would guess that the children don’t have a dog judging by the way they were so enamoured with Bella and Boscoe. 


At the end of Eddie’s leash is a little Yorkie which they got to pat as well.  He was busy lickin them all!


Time to eat. 


They children all lined up.


Girls first.   They all politely took their food and moved out of the way to eat.


I thing she’s saying yum!  They haven’t had dinner yet so this is a perfect opportunity to fuel them up.


Chatting and eating!

Time for everyone to head back to their rigs for happy hour and dinner.   A lovely performance and when they passed around the donation basket in the middle of the show everyone got a chance to show their appreciation and donate to a very worthy cause.  I hope they were all generous. 


Back home and it’s quiet….all the workers have finished for the day.


Pretty evening.


Another good day! 

Thursday, December 13, 2018

First Ride of the Season to Estacion Dimas

In years past we’ve often not started riding until January but with all the noise around the park and the fact that it has cooled down a bit it was time to hit the road.


                                        60 miles each way.


Heading out towards Mex 15 or the “ free road!”


We turn left and head north.


Just before the bridge over the Rio Quelite there was a couple of cows at the edge of the road.  This guy…or gal was having a scratch.


Still some water running in the rio.


Just after the bridge there are a number of small places to eat. 


Not much traffic after the turn off to El Quelite. 


Pretty pink tree at the edge of the road. 


Turn left (west) towards Estacion Dimas. 


Very green throughout this area and in the distance you can see the mango groves.


The dog looks dead but….he’s only sleeping.




Newly seeded.


Carreterra Coyotitan-Estacion Dimas. 


Coming into Estacion Dimas.  In March of 2012 I did a post about the history of the area and if you wish to look back and read it the history of the area is included.   


The church is getting a facelift! 


In previous years the whole building was the bright blue color that you see in the middle.  This is much more tasteful.


This little casita has a huge garden out front.  A lady after my own heart!  Too bad all the electrical wires spoil the picture. 


Here we are in front of Mariscos Pisas where we have been eating over the last few years. You can see Eric grabbing his leg to get off the bike.  His legs are so long from knee to ankle that he gets all tangled up.  Not me!


So…lunch was ordered and we chose what we’d eaten when we were here last year.  Fillete relleno which is a fish fillet covered in tomatoes, octopus, shrimp and cheese.  Served with rice, salad and tortillas.  Was it delicious….you bet and the cost per plate was 135 pesos. 


That’s the waitress in the back loading a cold seafood molcajete into a takeout container.  It’s usually quiet when we are here but today it was just packed.  The service is good, the food comes out fast and the prices are reasonable.  What more can you ask for. 


Big Red is parked out front.


These guys were just leaving and when they saw the camera they all held their “ beer travellers” up.


Always something to take a picture of.  School is over for the day!


This fellow ordered a huge seafood cocktail which…


….he really enjoyed!   Music was playing out an open truck door and an enebriated fellow was singing along very badly and completely out of tune.  No one ever seems to notice!  


Pinatas hanging up front.


This little town has a variety of modes of transportation but the small motos are the vehicle of choice and the people here do not seem poor.   We have never seen any other gringos eating in this restaurant but it is also not a tourist destination. 


Lots of people here today. 


Bye, bye see you next time.


A Mini.   Looks nice and I’ve never seen one here in Mexico. 

At this point we mounted up and started our ride home.  No dinner tonight….just a bowl of soup. 


This lady was “ grazing “ her sheep and goat in the gravel.


Remember the sleeping dog on the way into town well…he was laying in the middle of the intersection rolling around on his back on the way back untill we came by and he jumped to his feet. 


Mountains in the distance.


Road into El Quelite…haven’t been there yet this year. 


Heading home.


Spotted this guy with an “over the head behind me shot.”  He’s on a tractor pulling a brush mower just like Eric does at home.  Most of the time here in Mexico they chop the edges with machetes. 

There were a couple more shots taken on the way home but as I’m using my older Canon with the scratched lens a lot of the pictures were unusable because of light hitting the scratch.  Taking photos on the bike is hard on a camera because the speed of the bike while I take pictures drives dust into the extended lens so…the new camera stays at home!  


When we pulled into the park there was a truck parking a boat right in the entrance way and we had to slide to a stop.  Loose sand and poor footing makes it easy to drop the bike so I hopped off and walked to the back of the park.  You can see the construction on the north side of the park.


  At the back Raphael was busy washing a motorhome that pulled in yesterday.  It’s an older one that’s been here before and it’s in really nice shape. 

So…a good day and a really nice ride as the weather was cool. 

Tonight bingo….wish me luck!