Friday, February 9, 2024

La Marina Yacht and tennis club...Fermin's Restaurant for Ladies lunch.

 Yesterday's ladies lunch was very pleasant experience.  The La Marina restaurant is within walking distance for many of us and since it was, and usually is, a lovely day here in Mazatlan a walk was in order.  This restaurant has been a favorite go to for many for many years.  Funny enough Eric and I have never eaten there.  They have specials for lunch and dinner most days of the week and the prices are more than reasonable.  Our ladies lunch group have never eaten here and it turned out to be a winner!  Yesterday was the first day of carnival which lasts for six days and we wanted to stay close to home.

There were eight of us yesterday and although they don't take reservations for breakfast or lunch we had no trouble finding a big table to sit together.  A round table is nice as we can easily chat.

The La Marina condominiums are one of the first complexes as this end of town.  Located at the end of a dead end street it is very quiet.  

You can see that it's a popular place for lunch. It is open air on the second floor and looks over the parking lot.  The complex is on the beach and has ocean views from the condominium units. 

This is our waiter and what a charming man he is.  He took each order and shook hands with many of the ladies and had them all smiling.  Efficient and funny as well!

Here he's discussing lunch with Sandi.  The special on Thursdays is a prime rib sandwich for 190 pesos which includes a soft drink or a beer or a turkey sandwich with real turkery for 180 pesos with a a soft drink or a beer.  One of the best bargains in Mazatlan.  

Mar Mabel (to differentiate from her sister in law who is also a Marilyn!)  had the turkey sandwich and asked for the gravy on the side.  

Connie ordered the BLT and the waiter smiled and gave her the " gringo salsa " which is funny because the Mexican people are also fond of ketchup. 

Marilyn had the Club sandwich and it was huge for 170 pesos.  She said it was delicious.

Close up of the turkey sandwich. 

Cathy and I had the prime rib sandwich and it was also delicious and....I ate the whole thing!  Very tasty, piping hot mashed potatoes with tender beef...yummy.  This was one of my favorite lunches this season.  

Cathy and Sandi enjoying their lunch. 

Pat and Marilyn. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their food.  Compliments to the chef!!!  This is not fancy food but it is good food cooked and presented well.  

My selfie!

Looking down from the second floor into the lobby.  I'll bet there are a few children and even adults who'd like to take a swing at that pinata!  

We arrived at noon and with their prompt service we were done eating by shortly after 1pm.  We chatted a bit and then got up to pay.  They have a young lady with a cash box at the door of the restaurant and we just told her what we had, paid and left a tip.  Easy peasey!  This was one of the most relaxing enjoyable lunches for the ladies and now we could just wander off home.  A couple of us drove but parking is easy here so that was no problem either.  Mazatlan has become so busy that lunch can sometimes be a bit stressful but this was not one of those times.  A great restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner and Eric and I will have to come here.  Apparently the Sunday brunch is a real winner.


  1. That looks like a great place to eat. Sorry I missed it! And so nice to be able to walk.

  2. Well of COURSE you enjoyed lunch you carnivore. Prime rib sandwich!

    1. I eat hardly any beef here as it's unreliable and often tough. This was really good!