Saturday, October 25, 2014

We are in Cache Creek

It was above freezing and not raining when we left Prince George this morning around 9am.  The traffic was light as it was Saturday morning and things didn’t look too bad.  Just south of Prince George it started to rain and very shortly it turned to snow.  The temperature stayed steady around 2C and it continued to snow, sometimes light and sometimes heavy.  It didn’t stick to the road but it was on the ground in some areas.  Not nice.  I didn’t take pictures as it stresses me out when it snows.  Eric takes it in stride as he spent most of his working career driving big trucks in the winter.  Good thing. 

When we pulled into Williams Lake around noon it was still snowing but looking lighter to the south.  We got fuel and carried on.  Just south of Williams Lake the snow and rain quit and it warmed up a bit.


Leaving Williams Lake. IMG_1041


Coming into 100 mile house and the temperature is about 6C. IMG_1043

We expected snow between 100 mile House and Clinton as you are up high….but it was all clear. IMG_1044

The road dried up and it didn’t look too bad.  IMG_1047

We pulled into the Brookside RV park in Cache Creek around 3:30 and we are now all set for the night. $20 for the night but no water or sewer but we have 30amp electricity and high speed internet which is a luxury for us after dial up at home.  IMG_1048

It has clouded over and there is light rain but tomorrow doesn’t look too bad.  Eric got the satellite dish set up and we’ll watch game four of the World Series.  A stressful morning drive but the day is done.

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